eid shopping gains momentum. - artificial jewellery earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-20
eid shopping gains momentum.  -  artificial jewellery earrings
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Shopping for Eid al-Adha has gained momentum as people flock to shopping malls and other small markets to buy clothes, faux jewelry and shoes.
Shopkeepers set up stalls at Liberty and Origa shopping centers.
With the start of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramazan, a large number of stalls have been established in the G1 market, Johor town, township market, Iqbal Town market and anakali.
People complain that the price of clothing and shoes is high in the market compared to last year.
Shopkeepers say the depreciation of the rupee has led to higher prices compared to the dollar.
This year, on average, a T-
The price of shirts is higher, and the price of men's jeans ofRs200 to Rs300 has increased compared with last year.
According to a buyer living in the Sandman area, a pair of good quality shoes are available for 500 rupees, which was easily available last year around the rupee.
One of liberti's shopkeepers said demand for artificial jewelry has increased this year.
On the other hand, a worker from the banglemfacturing department at Shahdara said that with the Eid coming soon, we are working extra hard to reach the goal.
We supply various bracelets to almost all major markets in Lahore.
Muhammad Ismael, a shop owner at Karim Block Market, said the shop owner must make a profit.
Everyone knows the economic situation of the country and the depreciation of the rupee.
He said the price increase this year is not unprecedented because traders have seen a lot of inflation in the past.
He claims that despite the price increase, shopkeepers are prepared to compromise in price negotiations with customers.
Mrs. mehdees, the buyer of the Karim Block Market, said that people's purchasing power has been limited, and that inflation has also disrupted the budget of herid.
She insisted that I call on the government to look into the matter and develop a policy to control it.
It is worth mentioning that temporary stalls offer clothes and shoes at a cheaper price.
A buyer from the township market said that if we compare the price of jeans and shirts in a brand store and Booth, then it is easy to understand why there is a rush in the booth, because they offer clothes and shoes at a cheaper price, says Hassan Irfan.
Namra Iqra, a buyer, said she came to buy shoes and jewelry, but the price of the goods was too high to afford for ordinary people.
Inflation has made monthly bills for food, utilities, universities and utilities difficult to manage, and there is no room for higher prices to pay for Eid, Namra said.
She added that rising prices for clothing and shoes made it impossible to buy goods from brand stores and that ordinary people could not afford them.
The Anarkali market, one of the oldest in the city, also decorated with lights that people came to buy marriage proposals.
Stall owners have been providing a variety of "packaging", such as buy one get one, buy two get one, to attract customers.
Including free market, Anarkali, Raja market, Icchra, Sadar main bazaar, moon market, Yateem Khana, township market, PIA Road and DHA
Residential markets, including MM Alam Road, have also submitted applications to buyers.
Clothing brands offer several discounts on shoes and jewelry in their collection, with discounts of up to £ 25.
Visitors to the market asked authorities to cancel the occupation in the name of Eid al-Adha shopping vendors.
These encroaching acts have also become the cause of traffic jams in the market.
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