elephant in the room no more: obama bans ivory sales - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-09
elephant in the room no more: obama bans ivory sales  -  the jewelry store
Two years ago, an undercover man walked into the office of a jewelry store in Midtown Manhattan and found a ton of illegal ivory --an actual ton.
Ivory is all the more than 100 elephants slaughtered for ivory.
Considering that only three state wildlife investigators cover the entire city of New York, the sting is a lucky breakthrough --
But maybe it's not surprising.
Illegal ivory problems exist in New York and throughout the country, and President Obama wants to end the problem with a full ban on commercial ivory sales.
The ban is part of an executive order announced Tuesday to crack down on illegal wildlife trading.
It's OK to own ivory.
Assuming it's bought legally-
But selling White is a big taboo.
No, unless it's a "real antique" for more than 100 years "(
Facts the seller must prove).
Since 1989, ivory imports have been banned worldwide, except for ivory produced before that year.
The problem is that without expensive testing, it is difficult to tell how old ivory is.
This loophole provides the perfect cover for the black market for elephant parts poaching.
"This trade is destroying iconic animal populations," Obama wrote in a letter . " The letter presents a new national strategy to combat wildlife trafficking.
"Due to poachers, species like elephants and rhinos are at risk of severe decline or even extinction.
But it's not necessarily the case.
"In 2012 alone, poachers killed 35,000 elephants, the highest poaching rate since the 1989 ban.
The Holocaust is a response to the ongoing demand for bracelets, statues, trinkets and other things made of ivory.
Before smuggling to the United States, most of the ivory passed through Asia.
"Most people don't realize that AmericaS.
It is the second largest ivory market in the world, with food lovers in New York, California, and Hawaii, "said Seri Peper, policy advocate for NRDC (
Where was it published? .
"By formulating this national strategy,S.
Recognizing that we are part of the problem, we will step up our efforts to end the crisis.
Obama's move came after the European Union passed a resolution in January calling on member states to suspend commercial imports, exports and domestic sales and purchases of all ivory.
Just last week, France became the latest in several countries, including the United States. S.
When it crushed 3 tons of confiscated aywarat at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, it destroyed its inventory.
The country has also stepped up penalties for wildlife traffickers and extended sentences. For U. S.
Law enforcement officers identified the age of the store shelves and the online sale of ivory and the legality of the ivory, which was neither easy nor cheap.
"If everyone is honest, we won't have a problem," said William Woody, assistant director of law enforcement at the Fish and Wildlife Administration, who testified last month in the New York State Council.
"I would lie if I were the owner.
Woody and several New York law enforcement officers testified on the same day that documents are often forged and that the current legal penalties do not prevent criminals from selling ivory, which can bring about $1,500 a pound.
Although this may seem unnecessary, lawmakers in New York have been considering their own suspension because Obama announcedS.
The ivory market is now closed.
Such a ban was valid before.
When the poaching rate soared in the 1980 century, the United States and several other countries banned the import of ivory in order to curb demand for such luxury goods. It worked.
But over the past decade, the world has once again experienced the dark side of "Platinum", with reports from abroad saying elephant poisoning, the murder of park keepers and links to terrorist groups such as al-Shabab.
It is estimated that 96 elephants die from ivory every day, and taking all the ivory from the market may be their last attempt.
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