elin hilderbrand on living in nantucket: ‘what i write about in my novels is also what’s in my life.’ - silver necklace and earring set

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elin hilderbrand on living in nantucket: ‘what i write about in my novels is also what’s in my life.’  -  silver necklace and earring set
Best New York Times-
Sales author Erin Hildebrand eats, sleeps, and breathes nantarket.
She visited the island for the first time in 1993 and moved there full-time in 1998 to write.
All her novels are on the island, starting with the Beach Club (2000)
She started a relationship at the Graduate School of the author's workshop at the University of Iowa.
In June 19, her 21 book, the perfect couple, was on sale, a murder case about a bridesmaid finding a floating face --
The wedding was held in the South Tower port in the morning.
So, on the beach 23 miles from Cape Cod, what attracted Hilderbrand first?
"I spent the summer at Brewster's house," said the mother of the three children . ".
"I 've been to the vineyard and thought, you know, I'm going to nantarket and when the ferry goes into Port nantarket I say, 'Oh my God, this place is so beautiful, I will never leave.
Hilderbrand said that the difference between Nantucket and other places lies in the authenticity of the island.
"The city center has been preserved historically, and then there are 50 miles of pristine beaches that are preserved and protected outside Oahu.
So, you see a place that hasn't changed for hundreds of years, and this is what I really like --it’s real.
"The 50 mile Coast plays an important role in Hilderbrand's life and in her book.
Not only did she put most of her novels on the beach, but she also wrote them there.
"I took my notebook to the beach by bike and wrote there because why not?
It provides a calm, relaxed environment, which is also inspired.
Of course, this is in 6-
Running and sports classes.
Hilderbrand admits: "I have a ridiculous exercise system in the summer and I have not deviated because it is a very strict discipline that determines my day, no matter how excited I am, and no matter how late I go out, I do.
My current route is motor kit Road and then I go to Forme Barre (
Used to go to Barre studio).
That's why I write two books a year without an assistant.
One of Hildebrand's favorite writing beaches is Ladder Beach.
"It's beautiful, very close to my house, with all the dunes of Rosa lugosa.
It's also on the South takite Strait, so you can see the ferry, no waves.
Another of the most popular is Ram Ranch, located on the southwest coast, at the end of a long dirt road, "almost uninhabited even at the peak of summer.
In fact, Ram Pasture is the background of Hilderbrand's recent novel the same.
Hilderbrand likes shopping when she doesn't write.
"All my jewelry is basically Jessica Hicks's.
She made everything by hand and her rings, necklaces and earrings were all silver with half
The gems are mainly bought by me because they are at the right price.
Hilderbrand is interested in Milly & Grace's clothing.
"It has very feminine, fun, frivolous, colorful clothes from designers like Parker NY, Minnie Ross and Rebecca Taylor.
I basically go out four nights a week because I am often photographed so I never wear the same twice so I shop a lot!
Then, of course, Hilderbrand can't resist Mitchell's book corner and the book work of nantarket, both of which have her novels, where she meets fans and signs them every week
"When it comes to eating," I'm not going to mess around . "
Description of food
"I really like the host family, and that's right, right in the middle of the action.
I like to sit in the bar and they have this warm crab meat dipped in cream cheese which is very delicious.
It is a cast iron pot made of homemade potato chips.
Hilderbrand also frequently visits owner's bars and tables, mainly seasonal handmade cocktails (
"Something with cucumbers in it ")
And nautiusfor its blue crab fried rice, which she likened to eating-Take steroids.
"This is the most delicious thing on Earth," Hilderbrand said excitedly . ".
"It is made of large pieces of crab meat, with this green sauce, roasted lime and deep
Omelette, when you open it, the egg yolk will be everywhere on the rice.
She also recommended Surfside Beach Shack, mainly because of its Krabby pie, a crab, shrimp and scallop burger with lettuce, tomato and red bread --
Chili dill mayonnaise.
"I added bacon and avocado, a perfect beach sandwich.
Add a watermelon juice and you can have the best lunch ever.
For homemade ice cream, most people flock to juice bars, Hilderbrand says.
"But the line is around the block, so I found the island kitchen in the past year.
I ordered French Lemon Souffle ice cream. it was really delicious.
I always thought I would get something else but in the end I always got it.
She is raving about the fresh food at the batlitt farm.
Picked flowers, corn and tomatoes, homemade blueberry and peach pies and broccoli.
She went for lemon.
Taste "avocado toast and egg sandwich ".
"Hilderbrand often takes guests to Cisco breweries, wineries, wineries and vineyards when they visit.
"This is a party every afternoon in the summer with dining carts, dogs, kids and live music," she said . ". For late-
Had a good time at night, she went to chicken box, dive bar and island agency.
"No chicken, no food, only live music, dancing and crazy.
With regard to the hotel, nantagit resort is the author's "home away from home ".
While not at the beach, she worked out at the gym and wrote by the pool.
More importantly, on January each year, the hotel and Hilderbrand host a fan weekend where she will enjoy fine meals in her novels and head to her favorite places.
When Hilderbrand left Nantucket, it was mainly for work.
Six weeks in November
In December, she rented a house in Biken Hill to revise her summer book.
Every spring she goes to St.
John completes her winter order in the US Virgin Islands (
So far, she has released four winter books, all published in nantarket. season).
"I must leave the children --
"I don't want to be distracted," Hildebrand said . ".
Despite her hard work, Hildebrand admits that her life is full of charm.
"I live a very similar life to my role because I live a full life
Summer Fantasy from June to September.
I go to work on the beach every day.
What I write in the novel is also the content of my life.
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