elizabeth taylor's jewelry: all the dazzling details - pearl set in gold

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-06
elizabeth taylor\'s jewelry: all the dazzling details  -  pearl set in gold
"Taj Mahal diamond" by Elizabeth Taylor, about 1627-
1628, on Cartier's gold and ruby chain, was a gift from Richard Burton for her 40 th birthday on 1972.
Estimated at $300,000$500,000.
Elizabeth Taylor's collection is estimated to be worth about $30 million and will be auctioned later this year.
Iconic works featuring rubies, diamonds, emeralds and Sapphire will be sold at Chrisite auction house in New York on December. 13-14.
Here are some of the outstanding details of the series: Popular News Joe Biden leads CBS news poll controversial police video mass blackout Hong Kong protesters Pictures: Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry: pictures of her life and career: special Part of Taylor's charming style: commemorating Elizabeth Taylor's "Elizabeth Taylor Diamond"cut, 33.
The 19 karat diamonds in the platinum ring were given to Taylor by Richard Burton, with an estimated value of $2. 5 million-$3. 5 million.
The famous "Taj Mahal diamond" on the 17 th"
The Century diamond pendant Burton purchased on Taylor's 40 th birthday in 1972.
Located on Cartier's gold and ruby chain, the pendant is estimated to cost $300,000. $500,000.
One of the largest and most perfect pears "La Peregrina"
Pearl in the shape of the world.
The 16 th century Pearl presented by Bolton was inlaid with rubies and diamond necklaces by Cartier, with an estimated value of $2 million. $3 million.
Mike Todd Tara, estimated at $60,000. $80,000.
A ruby and diamond necklace and a gift from Todd, estimated at $200,000$300,000.
Gold, diamond and emerald "snake" watches from Bulgari, estimated at $12,000$15,000.
Kunzite, purple crystal and diamond "three-point stone" jewelry in Van Cleef & Arpels, worth 70,000-$100,000.
The Duchess of Windsor diamond brooch, Taylor purchased for herself at auction for $620,000.
The brooch is estimated to cost $400,000 to $600,000.
The whole series will be on display in December. 3-
Exhibited at Christie's gallery in New York.
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