engagement rings: online jeweler mails 'replicas' to try on at home - big jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-14
engagement rings: online jeweler mails \'replicas\' to try on at home  -  big jewelry
Buying an engagement ring at a large jewelry store can be a stressful experience.
In fact, more than two
New York University sociologist Anna Akbari, who recently surveyed more than 30 Americans, said the shopping experience could not meet their needs.
Ocappi, an online diamond ring company.
Com recently launched a "Home Try-
On "projects that strive to eliminate stress from big purchases.
The program allows shoppers to order up to six sterling silver and cubic zirconia "replica" rings free of charge for five days at home.
The couple can then return the replica and buy a real diamond ring.
The actual ring price is between $5 k and $45 k.
Another jewelry company, Tacori, allows customers to virtually try on the ring by downloading the ring image and then using a webcam to view the look of the ring on their fingers.
If you want your fiancé to choose your own engagement ring or you just want a little extra time to make a decision, choosing a ring at home can be a clever solution.
Tell us: Will you consider trying at home? on service?
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