eo sends notice to podhu dikshithars on coral necklace donated to temple - red necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
eo sends notice to podhu dikshithars on coral necklace donated to temple  -  red necklace set
Even if the state government appoints executive officers to enter the Chidambaram Natarajar Temple, it is caught in a legal struggle, and the officials concerned have sent a notice to Sabha of Podhu diskshithar, request clarification on a high-priced coral necklace recently donated by devotees.
Chidambaram Sahari Ammal, last November-
The Viswanatha Iyer family donated an Italian red coral necklace of 20 gold coins to the temple.
It is said that the value of this ornament is RS 3. 5 crore.
The jewelry is planned to decorate the main god during the Arudra Darshan fete in December 18.
At the same time, religious and charitable donations in India (HR & CE)Department-
Appointed executive officer of Temple K.
Murugan has sent a letter to Sabha Secretary Kasiraja Dikshithar asking for clarification on the necklace. Mr.
Murugan told Hindus that his department has sought information on the true value of the coral necklace and the details of the donor.
This is the practice of human resources and administration --
Operating temples, whenever valuables are donated to the temple, they must be handed over to the relevant executive officer and a full description of the donated items is recorded.
Once these formalities are completed, these items will become the property of the temple.
But as far as coral necklaces are concerned, the department is only aware of it through the media and the media. Mr.
Murugan also said that jewelry should be entrusted to the human resources and administration, but that has not been done so far by Dikshithars.
Sabha Secretary Kasiraja Dikshithar said after receiving the necklace that an appropriate receipt had been issued to the donor.
As to whether the donation should be reported and commissioned to the HR and administration, Dikshithar said that he must seek legal advice in this regard.
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