everything about costume jewellery - times of india - childrens costume jewellery

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-19
everything about costume jewellery - times of india  -  childrens costume jewellery
It's not gold that shines, but it's definitely the next best thing.
With the arrival of the wedding season and the soaring price of physical objects, people are increasingly discovering the wisdom of buying clothing and jewelry --
So is the rent.
"It doesn't make sense to wear a diamond or gold suit for each feature.
So in those days I have booked the costume jewelry.
In addition, jewelry design and trends are changing frequently.
With that in mind, I 'd rather spend a lot of money for my wedding than choose a lot. to-
Informed by Anamika Kalsi.
"So the best thing to do is to invest in some exotic art.
"At your wedding, no one will kill you for wearing costume jewelry," she added . ".
This is not a new phenomenon, but the market for rental jewelry is growing as gold prices soar.
"I can't afford gold jewelry because my family can't make that much money.
So, what we have done over the years, we will do the same at my wedding.
"I will get two gold bracelets from my mother and the rest will be rental clothing jewelry," said Jyoti Mohan . " (name changed).
Any kind of jewelry can be rented to Rs. 1,100-
According to the weight of the set, 3,100 per day.
You can purchase clothing jewelry from places such as Chandni Jok, rajappat Nagar and sarogini Nagar.
"This trend is not new.
It's just that people are more open to it now.
"Costume jewelry looks very much like the original and it's hard to distinguish between the two," said Mohini Sandhu, owner of Chandni Chowk Neelam jewelry.
"There is a demand for the Kundan set, the Swarovski-lo style design, and even the color set, because they can match the clothes," she added . ".
"All you have to do is not go too far.
Only in this way will people understand.
It's all about doing it well, "suggested Sandhu.
Idea of wearing costume jewelry on your D-
However, this day is not for everyone.
"I can understand that not everyone can afford expensive diamonds or heavy gold sets at weddings.
But please avoid in your D-Day.
It's disgusting.
"Wear less, it's better to wear a bridal look like a fake jewelry advertisement," Pinky Khanna said.
Rajeev Arora, designer of the leading jewelry brand Amrapali, said clothing jewelry could never match the quality of the original design and work.
"You can't match the complex work and professional level of the original jewelry brand.
We are here because of our work.
"Our customers won't buy these fakes because they like to collect artwork," Arora said . ".
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