female cop, 28, milked £34k from lonely pensioner, 87, who bought her a bmw car, jewellery and lavish holidays after death of his wife - silver necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
female cop, 28, milked £34k from lonely pensioner, 87, who bought her a bmw car, jewellery and lavish holidays after death of his wife  -  silver necklace set
A female police officer, after his wife's death, squeezed out a lonely pensioner from more than £ 34,000 in cash and numerous gifts including BMW, jewelry and overseas vacations. PC Fatou Mendy-
Sambou, 28, was fired today after a disciplinary hearing.
He even used cash to help her train to become a police officer-but she is now banned from working as a police officer due to "inappropriate relationships. "Mendy-
Sambou was charged with serious misconduct after getting a total of £ 34,670 in cash.
And all kinds of gifts.
A disciplinary hearing was told that she first met a married pensioner when she was nursing her wife in 2014.
But when his wife died in 2015
Sambou visited his home and contacted him regularly by phone and went out for dinner.
The hearing was told that Mendy-
Sambou pays £ 50 per week for a vacation to Paris for £ 2,000, a flight to Gambia for £ 2,700, a master's degree of £ 9,000, and a BMW.
She got a deposit for a house.
There is also £ 750 for a police training course for a new occupation, which is held by widowed persons who are only identified as Mr. JB.
Her birthday present also included a £ 320 Michael Kors watch, a silver necklace from Sri Lanka, washing machines, cooking utensils and even a fish tank.
The hearing was told that Mendy-
After obtaining a master's degree, Sambou became a probationary officer at Gwent Police Station in March 2018.
The relationship lasted until August 2018, when she was working for the Welsh police force.
In the case brought before officer Kate Cornell, the police said: "You accepted his money and gifts, amounting to thousands of pounds, and established an inappropriate relationship with him.
"When asked about these events, you initially lied about your connection with JB and falsely fabricated false stories about the source of your funds, trying to cover up your financial gains.
"You do this because you know that your behavior in building and using relationships with JB is completely wrong.
"The conduct in which you initiate and develop inappropriate relationships with JB amounts to abuse of trust, a violation of the standards of honesty and integrity, and a lack of integrity.
"If you know, your whole behavior will bring serious slander to the police department and undermine public confidence in the police department and violate the standards of dishonesty.
Your behavior is serious to serious misconduct.
"The hearing at Gwent Police headquarters in Cwmbran, South Wales was told that she did so to cover up her economic interests.
Susan Davis, chairman of the panel, said: "We agree with Miss midi --
If Sambou continues to serve as a police officer, she will be fired without notice.
The hearing was told that Mendy-
Sambou of Newport resigned from Gwent Police Station on last August.
Maria Henry, on behalf of the former PC, said: "She admitted that she acted the same way as the charge.
The hearing was told that Mendy-
Sambou admitted that her actions constituted serious misconduct and that her name would now be on the police ban list.
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