five things to know about tacori jewelry - wedding jewelry sets for brides

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
five things to know about tacori jewelry  -  wedding jewelry sets for brides
If you haven't heard of Tacori jewelry then you may be a minority.
The American designer is popular among brides, fashionistas and celebrities.
Take a look at the following five facts about this beloved jewelry designer and you will have a little taste of what you missed. Family-owned business—
Tacoli was founded by Hagrid Tacoli and his wife, Gilda.
The couple moved from Europe to California in 1969, where they started their bridal jewelry business.
Over the years, many family members have joined their successful companies.
They think they are artists.
Their designers use every piece they craft from their California headquarters as their own artwork.
Tacori employees are proud of their company's simple and firm commitment --
The jewelry is beautifully designed and unique, focusing on creativity, authenticity and quality craftsmanship.
Their iconic look is described as retro elegance with a modern style.
Celebrities love Taco jewelry.
Since the friend sitcom character Chandler bin presented his girlfriend Monica with a Tacoli engagement ring in 2000, Tacoli has been popular in the media and the stars.
Tacoli was ABC's preferred jeweler when Trista Rehn, the first single woman, received Ryan Sutter's engagement ring on national television.
Since then, more and more celebrities have been photographed proudly wearing their taco jewelry.
For example, entertainment journalist Maria Menounos recently wore stacked Tacori bracelets and marquise-
Styling diamond earrings and singer Katie Perry were photographed wearing a taco bracelet during a recent event.
Dancer Cheryl Burke, wearing a Barbados blue diamond cocktail ring, turquoise earrings and gold and pink bracelets, has also broken her arms and arms as well as her new boyfriend.
Their first work is their signature work.
Tacori's first jewellery design, the Crescent profile, remains one of the most popular options in their extensive collection of jewelry.
The design features interlocking, half
The light window of the Moon, reflecting the brilliance of the diamonds set in each new moon profilecircle.
Their real iconic work is the Tacon HT2510, which many brides first noticed in the iconic blue scarf ads in many brides and fashion magazines.
They are not just wedding jewelry designers.
While Tacori has focused primarily on the collection of jewelry for brides and grooms over the years, not everyone knows that the company has recently launched a new collection of jewelry called Tacori 18k925.
The name reflects that the jewelry is made up of 18 k gold and 925 silver.
The stunning collection ranges from $400 to $3,000.
Now that you have learned all about Tacori jewelry, go to an online retailer and choose the best jewelry brand at a competitive price.
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