for punita, jewellery is a costume drama! - childrens costume jewellery

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for punita, jewellery is a costume drama!  -  childrens costume jewellery
Her world is a brilliant world.
But Punita Trikha has a passion for romantic stones.
So much, this costume jewelry designer is eager to be in one of only 22-
Carat's efforts have been shining.
"But everything happened by chance," Punita insisted. "initially, I worked as a flight attendant at Lufthansa Airlines before I went to Air India. Post-
Marriage, I feel the need to spend more time with my children and quit my job.
But as someone like me, I quickly felt that it was incomplete to have no job.
In fact, the lack of channels to vent my creativity has begun to adversely affect my brain.
"Opportunities, for example, only knock at the door once.
But, when it's done, Punita is almost all ears.
"I was on a United Airlines flight to London.
Unfortunately, my son and I don't have adjacent seats, "recalls Punita. " However, the help came in the form of a flight attendant who asked us to sit together.
I was moved by this gesture and whenever he was in Delhi I would invite the crew to visit us.
"What the doctor failed to cure was fate.
Because fate prescribed the depression of Punita.
"When the crew chief came to see us, he went with a friend-" a jewelry designer named Mary Louis.
To cope with my depression, I started to learn about jewelry design from her.
Soon, as a pastime began to become a fullMature passion.
"I really rediscovered myself," explained Punita . ".
Today, the days of struggle have passed.
She used the materials imported from Paris and designed more than 200 "fundamental-
"Fashion" jewelry.
But Punita is not ready to enter the market yet.
"It's hard work to design these jewels.
"Since my design is not an established name in the market, I am worried that my design will be copied if I do a commercial promotion," Punita said. "This is something I don't like.
So I propose to show my design through a film, for which I have had talks with Bonny Kapoor and Rahi production and subsequently through an exhibition in December
"She has been struggling with difficulties.
But Punita Trikha has a rare quality to cut out in adversity.
Like in jewelry design, Punita Trikha doesn't leave anything in life.
Vinodnair @ indiatimes.
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