foreign leaders lavish trump with diplomatic gifts - diamond necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-17
foreign leaders lavish trump with diplomatic gifts  -  diamond necklace set
In the first year of the White House, foreign leaders presented more than $140,000 to President Donald Trump and his family, and China and Saudi Arabia were among the most luxurious givers.
According to the State Department's annual statistics on such gifts, on 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping presented two of the most expensive gifts to Trump and First Lady Melania Trump: A $14,400 gorgeous calligraphy display box and a set of porcelain cutlery, which includes plates printed on Trump's pink house in March --a-
Largo resort worth $16,250.
Like all the other gifts for Trump, his wife, daughter Ivanka and son --in-
The law, Jared Kushner, was handed over to the National Archives.
Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab countries have given Trump at least $24,120 in gifts.
Among them is a $6,400 ruby and emerald pendant necklace from Saudi Arabia's King Salman.
The crown prince of Bahrain is worth $4,850 in plated fighter model, and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi is worth $3,700 in three rice X bronze statues, a set of gold
Gold-plated Kuwaiti coin of the Emir of Kuwait is worth $1,610, "Royal" perfume in reptiles
Deputy Prime Minister Oman presented a $1,260 leather case.
According to 64-64, others in the Middle East are not stingy when giving gifts to their first family
A list of pages compiled by the State Department's concierge office will be published in the Federal Register on Thursday.
The ace band received a $4,500 personalized hardcover psalm from the rabbi in charge of the west wall of Jerusalem, a gold and diamond necklace from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and a similar pendant, worth $5,800, and a mother --of-
The creation of a $4,200 pearl from the Greek Orthodox patriarch in Jerusalem.
Even Palestinian leader Abbas, before the Trump administration began a series of moves to downgrade the United States. S.
Relations with the Palestinians have been very generous.
He gave Trump and the first lady a new one.
Byzantine's scene of the birth of Jesus in court
According to the list, the total value of long portraits of Melania Trump and photos is $6,770.
Other world leaders who have fallen out of favor with Trump are also among 2017 gifts --
Including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.
Merkel gave Mont Blanc $5,264 in paper and pens.
Macron is from a 1783 map of the United States, worth $1,100, and Trudeau is a lion sandstone statue wearing a $450 crown.
Some gifts seem to cater to the president's self.
It includes a $1,880 jewel portrait of Vietnamese Prime Minister Donald Trump before the U. S. flag and a photo album called "Donald J. president"
Trump from the President of Poland ", which contains black and white photos of the president and color photos of the Trump Tower, worth $850.
Clothing, artwork, jewelry and accessories are the most popular gifts given to the first lady by foreign leaders. The wife of the Japanese prime minister gave her a pair of $2,200 Mikimoto diamond and pearl earrings, as well as a $3,000 gold and acrylic painting. The Italian prime minister gave her a $3,400 Ferragamo handbag.
The Belgian prime minister and his partner gave Melania Trump two handbags worth $1,020 and $2,273.
Ivanka Trump also received a $1,023 Delvaux handbag from the Belgian leader.
Meanwhile, the Saudi government presented Melania and Ivanka Trump with $1,500 worth of embroidered clothing, including at least one abaya.
Ivanka Trump's husband, Kushner, reported that in 2017 he received only six gifts from foreign officials, the most valuable of which was the $3,630 the King of Jordan gave him. ——
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