from chopard to chanel: the high jewellery highlights of paris haute couture week - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-29
from chopard to chanel: the high jewellery highlights of paris haute couture week  -  white gold necklace and earring set
The premium jewellery conference held during the January Paris premium customization cycle is always quieter than the one held in July-less, more low-key, and the whole thing is less confusing
It's usually also a great opportunity to see some.
Arrange for the jeweler to show something unique and there is nothing different this year.
But first big players.
Xiao Bang uses a small-in-Huge quantityin carats six-
Known as the collection of Kalahari gardens.
Cut 23 diamonds out of 342
Perfect clarity and carat roughness of color (
Also known as D-Flawless)
The result is to show six of these stones.
The display is a deformed necklace with three pendants hanging, each with a huge stone. A brilliant-cut, heart-
Shape and pear
Shaped diamonds weighing 50, 26 and 25 Karat respectively make this necklace a very high piece of jewelry with impressive provenance.
In Boucheron, the Wild Ivy League is played in Paris's Lierre de or "Paris Ivy League.
One particular-a question mark necklace, inspired by the 1881 creation of Boucheron, with nine graduated-sized ivy leaves, all made in platinum with white diamonds.
What cannot be described, however, is that it is shaking every step.
Set to "treannant", every leaf vibrates in the most unusual way whenever the necklace moves, and the effect is amazing.
There are also "repeatable" parts in the collection (
They will make more than one)
Including the perfect little Ivy pattern earrings and rings.
Chanel's new collection Coco Avant Chanel is a tribute to women who influenced the lives of young Gabrielle Chanel before 1920-before the Chanel brand.
11 sets made of double elements of lace and ribbon are white, rose pink and pigeon gray, go through the pink or pale papaladi Chara sapphire, pink and gray thorns, silky pearls and white diamonds.
Diamond lace, thick bird and Tea Flower, seems to have been cut into pieces with scissors and put back together, as seen in the Gabrielle bracelet, or as tiny as Jenny Parry
There is even a fan, made entirely of gold, mother with pearls and gray silk, and diamonds-the most luxurious of the cooling handheld systems, but somehow it works.
At Chaumet, the simple premise that diamond ribbons and twisted gold ropes are intertwined produces very simple but tempting results-the side-by-side texture of the coiled silk rose --
Gold thread on Diamond
In high jewellery and repeatable collections, inlaid ribbons can be seen on circular necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.
But Chaumet does not have pure beauty, but manages to inject bound elements into the collection, no matter how subtle, which makes it much sexier than you think.
Finally, Dior, Dior and opales succeeded in comparing opals-the most charming kaleidoscope stone-with colorful gems in extraordinary time --
Tell the bracelet (
They are too majestic to call watches);
Colored gold in the shape of white diamonds and feathers, with small gorgeous feathers;
Or, like Cher Dior, it's all set in diamonds.
The whole series may be a tribute to Opal, but it is also, as always, a tribute to all the codes of Dior.
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