from robertson davies, with love - diamond earring and necklace set

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from robertson davies, with love  -  diamond earring and necklace set
"I felt very lonely this morning and I would love to jump on the train and get back to you.
What a business it is to fall in love with a person!
Robertson David wrote in a letter to his wife, Brenda Dunnan Parker, that he prefers a good love story.
When the work in life is devoted to the romance of gems and jewelry, fine arts and history, how can that be the case?
A few days ago, in his hand, the vice president of Toronto Dupuis boutique jewelry auctioneer showed a ring that will be one of the items the company offers at the Windsor Arms Hotel spring auction.
This is a silver ring with an oval dark color inside.
Depicting the goddess demit holding the purple carved glass of the treasure basin.
Will be available for $300 to $400.
Parker then thought the ring was the legacy of his favorite Brenda and Robertson Davis, who turned the calendar over three times --
For a few quarters of the century, the story of the ring by the fall of 1939, when it might be worth no more than $10.
26-year-old Rob Davisyear-
Old Canadian actors and aspiring actors
Stage at Old Vic theater in London, elbow, 22year-Old Australia
Born stage manager Brenda Matthew
After Brenda had a preliminary scolding of Davis for being late, the two beat.
Davis often takes Brenda home.
"They are very close," Parker said . "
But the theater in London was closed in World War II.
The two young men seem to be returning to their homes.
Parker said, however, that night Robertson Davis stood by Brenda's elbow and helped the actor find a clue, "sliding the ring off her finger and onto her hand.
"He gave it to her as an engagement ring.
She accepted it.
"With this engagement, a game will be held in the old Chelsea Church in London in February 1940 and will continue until the death of the famous novelist in 1995.
In this marriage, Brenda Davis was her husband's best friend, confidant, Muse, first reader and voice board --
Help create one of Canada's greatest literary careers.
Davis is known as genius, Merlin, Word Weavers, digital masters, "the only real Renaissance man in Canada ".
Brenda is on his side, behind this achievement. “B.
"Let me be as orderly as she is, on the way," Davis will write in his diary . ".
Friendship is the foundation of marriage for the author.
In fact, Davis once said to an interviewer, "Marriage is a framework for friendship.
For Davis, Brenda kept the framework strong.
For him, she is enthusiastic, educated and optimistic.
"People told me that I did a lot of work," he once said . ".
"I can't do this without the pattern.
Missing the atmosphere of eating, staying up late and being nervous was devastating for my work.
"Coming to Canada after marriage, the couple soon settled in Peterborough, where they will raise three daughters, and Davis runs the family from 1942 to 1963 --
Have the examiner and become his biggest signature.
In his letter to his wife, whenever a person or another person travels, he calls her "my dearest little finger ".
"He often acknowledges the sacrifices she has made in coming to Canada and giving up her promising career.
He obviously misses her very much when they are separated.
"I felt very lonely this morning and would love to jump on the train and get back to you," he once wrote . ".
"What a business it is to fall in love with a person!
On another occasion, "I miss you so much and hope you can halve your discomfort here and double the fun.
"I miss you very much . "
One thing the marriage did for me was to provide a permanent audience and after 36 hours no one spoke to me and I felt almost uncomfortable with the repressed conversation.
His daughter Jennifer once told a biographer that her father was "half a man" when her mother was away ".
As David's biographer, Judith Skelton Grant, wrote, Brenda provided Davis with the "emotional pressure cabin", the safety valve for his often sharp tongue and pen.
"He found that Brenda liked his verbal performance and that he was the best listener: responsive, critical and always sympathetic.
Davis once said that his wife had a "very strong visual feeling" and helped enhance his visual feeling, "as she taught me throughout the natural world. ”As a non-
In addition, she has a better view of his motherland than he does.
"We are great holders, Canadians," he said . "
"This is my Australian --
The wife who was born has pointed this out to me.
Now that Davis is not driving, Brenda is also driving.
In 1963, Robertson Davis became the founding master of the Macy's college at the University of Toronto, his legend --
As the mistress of the place and a firm supporter of the college and its owners, her --flowered.
The same is true of her jewelry collection. Mrs.
Davis has a keen sense of beauty, Parker said.
"Every time she travels, she goes to the UK, especially to buy another piece of antiques from London's most popular antique dealer. . .
She is fascinated by the history of these things.
"Her taste is really good," he said . "
"I don't think her taste has changed much.
Brenda Davis died in January and is only a short time away from her 96 th birthday.
Of course, her family kept some of her jewelry as a biography of heir.
But according to their father's wishes
Who wants all his books to be sold so that everyone can enjoy his collection --
They decided to sell many of their mother's collections.
These items are not "Earth-
Too expensive "will not produce life
Change the windfall
This is really a "public spirit ".
"Ideally, people have the opportunity to have a very fine antique piece of jewelry," Parker said . ".
"The joy of wearing it.
"The Davis estate has 27 lots, including gold and gem reliefs in the 19 th and 20 th centuries, intaglios and multi-colored porcelain glaze.
The most valuable item, Parker said, is an enamel and gemstone necklace and earrings inlaid with rubies, pearls and emeralds, with an estimated value of $7,000 to $9,000.
Engagement ring-
A Tazy, kind of like one on Giles restock's finger, mixed with fragile stuff --
"Their prices are the lowest," Parker said . ".
But the bottom line of love makes more sense.
"But it's a wonderful story for me.
"Instructions for the entire auction collection and registered bids can be found on www. dupuis.
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