game of thrones: 10 things we learned (and didn't learn) from season 6 episode 1 - red necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
game of thrones: 10 things we learned (and didn\'t learn) from season 6 episode 1  -  red necklace set
* Warning: "Game of Thrones" spoiler of season 6 episode 1 * last year "Game of Thrones" put us in a painful suspense, in the early hours of the morning, "Power"
Sky Atlantic will have a replay at nine o'clock P. M. tonight).
A few chin.
Surprise drops, some gorgeous settings-
The drama's exciting tradition of sex and violence.
But in twists and turns and returns, a major plot thread is pending.
Then ten takeaways.
From the Red Woman.
For the past 12 months everyone involved in Game of Thrones has been yelling on the roof --
Most importantly, the Moody commander-in-chief is sure to die permanently.
Of course, no one believes them, that's why many viewers think the opening shot of fresh snow lying in a pool of blood is another wrong direction.
It's dead now, but be sure to come back.
This is our prediction.
The internet seems to agree).
The most shocking moment was at the end, and merysandy, who was still sad for Stanis and snow, took off her sparkling red necklace.
She suddenly got old for decades.
Maybe centuries. .
In fact, the stooped fool who is now in her position has withered, and she looks like a troll in Peter Jackson's Tolkien movie.
Sexy has always been Melissa Andre's weapon, making her shift even more disturbing.
Danielle looked at herself with great satisfaction, and she faced the leader of Dothraki in her native language, dropping the bomb she seemed to be a random slave, and she was the widow of the mighty Khal Drogo.
They are very impressed.
But the bomb came: According to Dothraki's law, the widow of the murdered Khals had to spend her labor in a fortified monastery in the capital of Vaes Dothrak
The smug mood disappeared from Danielle, realizing how much she was in trouble.
Don't adjust your settings-the anti-social successor to Bolton is really disturbed by the death of Myranda (
Last season, Sean fell from the battlements).
She alone is not afraid of him.
A bit wrong in our opinion)
For a moment, Ramsey has a frustrating resemblance to a real person.
But when he ordered her body to become a Western version of the bloodline mate and feed it to the dog, the door slammed.
Game of Thrones most of season 5 drooling notes are related to Sand Snakes, whipsWaving potty
The daughter of Oberyn Martell.
Last year, some of us had hoped we could see the last of them.
But no, they are here, in their strategic upgrade to the devastating war on lannister, killing Dorn's royal family.
But at least their conversation has improved, and when Trystane Martell crosses the back of the head/face with a spear, they have had an uncomfortable stumbling on comedy.
Sansa and Theon/Reek/Theon made a pretty good attempt at their escape attempt but ended up being hunted down by Bolton forces.
The timing is impeccable, Brienne (and Podrick! )
Get involved in this war.
"Is that a woman ? " Just before Mrs. Tass cut his neck, there was a following thinking.
Cheer for Brian!
Although the Game of Thrones is full of nothingness, evil, and nudity, it has been working to give us personal support.
But at least in the medium term, Jon Snow is dead and the show lacks a lovely character.
Not including Brian of TASS, on the grounds that, if necessary, she would be happy to divide you in half, and the only vague and noble demeanor left was Sir Davos Haworth.
The problem is that Sir Davos was the most notable when he served as a medieval welen blacksmith for Mr. Burns in Stanis.
With his boss disgraced and dead, it is clear that Sir Davos is an attractive partner and there is an urgent need for someone to jump in.
As the hero material he's going to do now-it's certainly satisfying to see him face Sir Elize for betraying Jon Snow and get rid of Thorne's work --worth face.
However, a suitable type of leadership is needed in the long run.
They might as well send the Emmy to Lena Hedi now.
The scene she mourned for Myrcella-so kind, considerate and not
Like Cersei, it is devastating.
What an interesting hub Game of Thrones is, first of all, the journey of shame, and now the death of Myrcella.
For the past five years, Cersei has always been the one we like to hate.
But now the show invites us to think from her perspective about what it might look like. Show-
Runners David mauroff and DB Weiss have no books to adapt to, but it seems appropriate to do it when they go.
Of course, we do not know whether the main development of this season was planned by Martin or original D & D.
However, The Omen is positive and season 6 of Game of Thrones also seems to be exciting, disgusting and eye-popping
Decline as before.
She saw her father publicly executed and attended a grand family wedding, only to find that all were slaughtered-now she is blind and begging on the streets of Braavos, and was bullied by Waif in a black and white house.
When will Princess Stark finally catch up with the break, not something will happen soon.
The next episode will be aired in the Sky Atlantic at nine o'clock P. M. on Monday.
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