game of thrones season 8 theory suggests melisandre returned in disguise in episode 2 - ruby necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-04
game of thrones season 8 theory suggests melisandre returned in disguise in episode 2  -  ruby necklace set
Fans of Game of Thrones are questioning the position of a character missing from Season 8 to the present.
Melisandre-also known as the Red Woman-has not appeared since Season 7, although Carice van Houten's appearance at Season 8 premiere confirmed that she will play a role in the last four episodes.
The last time fans saw Melissa Andre, she was on the dragon stone and issued a warning to Varis. Conleth Hill)
Before going to varantis.
Varis said to her, "If you don't mind what I say, I don't think you should go back to westrose.
I'm not sure if you're safe here.
"Mei Lishan's reaction?
"Oh, the last time I return my dear Spider.
Like you, I must die in this strange country.
"It all confirms that the couple will die in the last season-but when can we see the Red Woman?
All we can see is the theory circulating on Reddit.
An intriguing article argues that merysandel may actually be in Winterfell and ready to help fight White Walkers.
In fact, it shows that we saw her in episode 2, in the name of everyone else: the young scarred girlLiam Cunningham)
Only to be sent to the basement in order for her to fight.
To avoid us forgetting, Melissa Andre used her ruby necklace to cover up the real look of her old woman-if anyone needs to hide other characters, it's the Red Woman: Varis not only threatened her, and she's on Arya's murder list.
In fact, she hides a young girl like Shireen Baratheon-she is involved in her painful death, and Melisandre knows that Davos has a close connection with her-proof
"She dresses herself up with her Ruby, just like a little girl with a burn scar," Reddit users wrote . ".
A new batch of photos poking fun at this weekend's episode also confirmed the appearance of another character in the cave: Varys.
If this theory is correct, then for Westerners, it will put melisandero and Varis at an extremely critical moment.
Can their respective deaths arrive in episode 3?
It seems possible-especially given that people in the basement may not be as safe as everuone thought.
The death of meiliande is expected to mark the redemption of the character.
We can think she's fighting for the good now.
After all, she did get Jon and Denise together).
If that's the case, she wouldn't be the only character that looks likely to go out in a hero's way: one of the most likely candidates to die is definitely Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)
Who will protect Brandon Stark? Isaac HempsteadWright)
-The goal of the Night King
The latest episode of the series talks about a controversial Arya scene, which actor Melissa Williams thought was a prank when he first read the script.
You can find here our expansion of each character-from worst to best-and the ranking of episodes we define.
You can see the game of Thronesis on British Sky Atlantic and now TV.
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