gem clip jewellery - fancy jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-30
gem clip jewellery  -  fancy jewellery set
I try to use translucent (
Coloring and coating with plastic)gem clips.
From the multi-color packaging, I chose two colors for this item.
I made a pair of earrings and a bracelet.
This technique can also be used to make foot ank and neck by changing the length.
Required materials: 1. Gem Clips2.
Round nose pliers.
But I just used a cutting clamp.
For beginners, the round nose pliers are easier to bend the wires. 3. Clasps-
Earrings hook, clasp of bracelet.
I used the Gem clip in two colors.
The pink clip dominates the design, and the Green clip is highlighted.
I made a rolling pattern with a pink clip.
This requires the clip to be opened.
Open the pink clip and bend straight with a flat nose clamp.
I used 15 pink gem clips.
So 15 of them must be straightened.
Hold a tip of the wire with a round nose clamp, turn it and form a circle.
Now hold the circle tightly with a flat nose clamp and turn the wires around the circle with your hands.
Do not hold the wire too tightly with pliers, which may peel off the plastic coat.
Continue to twist the wires around the circle until about 1 inch wires are left.
Hold the other end of the wire with a round nose clamp and twist it in a circle.
This is used as a hook to hold another reel.
Make 15 such reels using a pink gem clip.
The Green Gem clip is shaped into 3 leaf patterns.
Press the Gem clip and add 2 endpoints of the clip.
This will give you 3 leaf patterns.
2 small and 1 big.
Twist the large leaves using pliers and move them to the center where the two ends intersect.
Pull the big leaves down so that it reaches the size of the small leaves and make a hook with the remaining extension wires.
2 Green clips were made in this way.
No hooks are required for the third clip.
So just wrap the extended wire around the center.
It's a bit tricky to hook in this mode.
If you don't get it, twist it like 3rd.
It can be glued to the reel with super glue.
Insert the last lap of the reel into the hook of the Green clip and close it close.
This is made with hooks for 2 green clips.
For 3rd without hooks, insert the hooks of 3 reels into 3 leaves, respectively.
Bracelet: the buckle must be inserted into the last lap of the reel.
There are two parts to the locking system.
Each must be attached to the reel, which will appear on both sides of the bracelet.
Earrings: the ear ring hook must be attached to the hook of the reel.
Connect 5 to scroll in one direction.
Make 2 sets, 5 rolls per set.
This is for the bracelet.
Connect the two reels together.
Make a pair.
This is for earrings.
Insert the hook of one reel into the last circle of the other.
This is how all the reels are connected.
Earrings: the 2-roll reel attached to the Green clip must be attached to the earrings with an earring hook.
Earrings are ready.
Bracelet: reels with buttons must be attached to each side of the bracelet as the last reel unit.
The bracelet is ready.
Bracelet length is 8. 5inches.
Foot chain: same as bracelet.
But it may take a length of 9. 5 or 10inches.
Necklace: If you are going to make a necklace with this pattern, it needs a length of 16 inch.
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