get your shimmer on, baby! - times of india - rose gold fashion earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-21
get your shimmer on, baby! - times of india  -  rose gold fashion earrings
The last weekend of the year is also the designated party weekend of the year!
In addition to the New Year's Eve shown on the radar, it is also the time of the office Year --
Outdoor winter dinner, etc.
In order to be consistent with the present, try the hottest fashion of the season --shimmer!
Show off sequins on clothes, shoes, cosmetics
And accessories.
This is a deconstructed look . . . . . . LBD got a black passe that was restarted.
People now make this style further with sequins.
Designer Falguni Peacock said, "this season looks big and you can achieve a lot with shimmer.
Try on a jacket with leather stripes.
Wear feathers on the edge or neckline of the shimmer dress. Take a thigh-
High LBD, add a layer of mesh for pure effect and have sequins on it.
Designer Surily Goel said: "tooOne can use silver or rose gold with any soft tone.
"Combine a pink, milky white, light blue or even pink top with a gold skirt or hot pants.
How about a different suit?
Try a suit jacket and shorts with sequins with pastel colorsIt's hued top.
Also, why do you insist on only making a sequel?
It is also possible to achieve shimmer by looking more smooth lam é fabric.
This look is perfect for accessories, so pick up the metal high heels, late packs and clutch that are big now.
"Something as simple as a shiny earring is another style of the party," she added . ".
How does Hollywood shock it, the style of Shine has been using Hollywood's-list!
Jennifer Aniston wore a shell.
Nicole Kidman's pink Mini in a black velvet jacket
At the premiere of her film, pop singer Shakira is in her many
At a music awards ceremony, the colorful embellished mini and Charlize Theron walked in a funky fashion at midnight's shoulder-less number.
Forget about those nude pumps and regular high heels.
The look of gold and silver high heels, sequins slope wedges, shiny ballet flats and clutch bags has made way for it.
A day out from a brunch or cocktail party is the perfect choice.
Other key wardrobe essentials for this styling include a French stick bag, clutch, ring, bracelet, thin belt and trendy headband. Make-
Up: it's super high to mix those metal eye shadows
Shine, so match them with a normal set of clothes. Make-
Up expert Marvie Beck says this look can be used in different ways depending on the occasion.
"To achieve the lightest effect, use satin finish cheek powder and eye shadow and move to a shiny finish.
As the appearance increases, the next step is to use strong metal materials, but use them less.
The most classic is "diamond particles", which are actually broken mineral stones in the form of tiny prism reflecting huge light.
The same striking is with metal eye shadow-
Try copper and blue or bronze and blue or green.
Other ways to wear this is through slight lip gloss and lip gloss, nail polish and even body powder.
"Office party? Try this!
Put on a delicate printed sequin camper or top with tight jeans and a black plain jacket and transition from office to one night or one night in town.
Why it works for anyone and for any skin color.
The best shades are gold, silver, rose gold, light silver-grey and black.
Use these on larger sequins or drill sticks
Let your Sparks Bloom
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