getting gold jewellery tested set to become easier - gold jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-17
getting gold jewellery tested set to become easier  -  gold jewellery set
Not sure about the purity of the gold ornaments you purchased during this holiday season?
Soon you will be able to easily test it in the local office of the Bureau of Standards of India (BIS).
The Bank for International Settlements is working on a policy whereby customers can test his gold jewelry in the local office of the bureau.
If the jeweler, the test and the Mark cannot guarantee the purity (A&H)Centre (
Center for purity inspection)
Companies that conduct purity tests will have to pay three times the price of jewelry.
However, the action against center A & H found
The valuation of gold is moderate;
If they were caught, they would get away with it and the matter was never reported to the police.
"If the customer has already paid the Rs.
For a 22 karat ornament, the & H center will have to pay a fine of Rs 30,000.
90,000 if the decorations are less than 22 karat, "explained an official at BIS.
Explaining the procedure for testing Gold, the official said: "Whoever wants to test gold jewelry must contact the BIS office in their city.
They will be asked to store their jewelry and the officer will take one out of it
The fourth gram as a test sample.
The results will be announced within 7 to 8 days.
"For the amount we take as a sample, the customer can take the money for the same value, or can take back the sample after the result comes out.
If the purity is as promised, we will return the sample to the customer along with the certificate, if not, we will give notice to the & H center and they will be required to pay the fine, "The official said.
"If the & H center repeats this error, they have to pay more each time the jewelry they test is not as pure as promised.
"This step should be a deterrent to the wrong mark of the & H center," he added . ".
The Indian people do not know the need to mark and test the purity of gold, the official said, saying: "We have been working to raise awareness of the purchase of Holmark gold, but most people are buying based on trust in the jeweler, not checking the quality of Holmark.
However, Hallmark is very important because it is the gold purity standard set by the government.
If the customer bought a jewelry without a logo, he was cheated.
I call on people to always buy Holmark jewelry when buying gold/silver.
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