"getting mother's body" by suzan-lori parks - pearl necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-16
Several times when reading Suzan
Lori Parker's debut, "get the body of the mother," I found myself thinking about the title.
At first, it seems to be a direct reference to the exploration of the protagonist, 16-year-
Old Billy Bede went to dig up her mother's body. -
And the jewelry she was reportedly buried ---
It can also be read in another way: Billy is pregnant
Poverty is unmarried.
The baby she begged to "keep small" in the middle part of her becoming more and more obvious reminded her not only of the choices she made, but also of her mother-fastlivin', good-time-lovin', blues-
Sing 'weilambed.
Standing on the cusp of adulthood, Billy will follow her mother's wild footsteps, or will she build her stable and solid path from a different perspective, which is obviously Parker's specialty.
Only part of Billy's story is seen through her own eyes.
There are many others: Aunt Billy and Uncle Teddy in June;
Deere, her mother's longtime lover, smiles;
Clifford snups, a married man who made Billy pregnant;
And the local boy Laz Jackson who really loves her, just to name a few.
Chapters, sounds, and stories overlap, creating a simple novel with extraordinary dimensions and colors, nuances and depth.
Even Willa may interjected after his death, making affectionate, poetic comments from outside the grave: "In this hole, I began to think about the promises I made, but did not deliver.
/In this hole/I drank/I was drunk and I cried and went to bed.
/In this hole/It's a cold lonely hole/I tidied up my bed/Now I'm lying in there alone.
She also warned her daughter not to make the mistake she made: "Don't do what you see I do/don't go anywhere I lead/my middle name is trouble/The first one is sin and the last one is greed/wise, kid, let
But "getting a mother's body" is not just a smart future --of-age tale.
Parker's novel career is as interesting, bitter, miserable and remarkable as the best road movies.
Billy stole a truck from her mother's lover and told her mother's cemetery would be plowed by bulldozers to make way for a new supermarket and would need cash to pay for abortion, a pig
Raise a demon named Deere smile, shake off the dust of her sleepy Texas town, and head to Arizona to start digging.
Her kind, honest Uncle Teddy. -
A priest turned into a waiter at a gas station. -
On June, her aunt, who had no legs and no children, was also riding. randy college soon joined the three aunts --
Cousin homer.
All four are looking at Vera May's "treasure", which is said to be the pearl necklace and diamond ring she buried.
Smile and Laz Jackson, the son of the funeral home, worship Billy with pure and true love, follow Laz's hearse, and the whole gang gathers at the Pink Flamingo hotel arritz in LaJunta.
, Population 30, 6-to Vera May-year-
Old bodies waiting for rescue or blasphemy.
Gunfight, drunken carnival, tearful reunion
Then comes the epiphany of delay.
Among them, Parks managed to reveal some deeper truths about family and destiny.
Penniless, let's go-
These characters are trapped in their lives and in a world where they are determined to disappoint them, they find that they do have a choice and that they do have the ability to change their lives beyond their circumstances
They dug up the treasure and found hope in the ruthless world.
Drama skills throughout the park-
Her play, Topdog/Underdog, won 2002 Pulitzer Prize for drama--
The experience as a songwriter proves this: in the richness of the character, the originality and personality of each voice are clear.
She gets used to each character, guides him or her dreams and disappointment, hurts and hopes, and reveals them in a smart and confident way, despite her achievements on the stage
If her talent for drama pushes us forward, her attention to the right details ---
Taste of lips, swing of hips, smell of newborn pig or fresh pig
Baked cherry pie-
Make the journey the most enjoyable.
It's a hidden treasure.
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