gillard showered with gifts after take-over - silver necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-05
gillard showered with gifts after take-over  -  silver necklace and earring set
After seizing power from Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister Julia Gillard received many gifts, including jewelry, cosmetics and cd.
An update to the register of members' interests submitted to the federal Parliament shows that within three weeks of her taking over as Labor leader, MS Gillard received from well-wishers.
Jewelry gifts include a $1990 Carlyle pearl earrings, and a $605 necklace and earrings.
There is also a mother of unpriced silver and pearl pens.
She also received lipstick.
Wine, tea chest and two snacks.
Of the 18 books she received, there are how women lead, the first president and so you want to be prime minister.
The bricklayer provided a CD of Helen Reddy --
I'm probably a woman.
Ten Network's chief executive, Grant Blackley, gave the prime minister a DVD of the TV series Hawk.
Toys, including Humphrey B. , were also on the list.
Teddy bears and Aboriginal games.
The prime minister acknowledged in a note attached to the list that she did not have to officially announce many gifts.
"While most of the gifts are clearly under the amount that can be declared and I do not know the value of many of them, I do declare them for very careful consideration, MS Gillard wrote.
"I have handed over all the items to the Prime Minister and Cabinet department.
The updated list also noted that Tim matessen, as a male health ambassador, received free travel and warm hospitality.
Originally published asPM bathed in gifts after filming
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