girl, she means nothing to me - gold pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
girl, she means nothing to me  -  gold pendant and earring set
Aw, girl.
You know, I will never hurt you because of all the gold and diamonds on Earth.
You know, I'm your smoker.
That is why I ask you to look at your heart and forgive me for the mistakes I have made.
Baby, she doesn't mean anything to me.
I'm sorry that night when I was supposed to have sex with you, I went crazy with her.
I'm really sorry I'm ready to do anything to win back your love.
My Princess Nubian, would you like a fine Godiva chocolate?
If so, I will travel around the world and visit countries like Malaysia, New Zealand and France to find the best Godiva stores on Earth.
Smoove will personally check the cleanliness of each store, the quality of the product, and the dedication of each employee to please the most beautiful woman of all time.
I will then count all three columns of numbers into the main score for each position.
This will determine that this is the best Godiva store on Earth.
Then I will buy the best chocolate in that store and take out my Discovery Card if necessary.
There will be rich almonds in the chocolate.
And caramel.
Once I have a piece of chocolate I will walk back to your apartment and I will not stop even if my leg muscles scream in indescribable pain.
I will keep going until I bring this gorgeous candy to your bed.
Then I will put it in my Queen's mouth with a pair of specially constructed solids --gold chocolate-feeding tongs.
That woman?
You have to trust me when I say I won't walk to mobile station to buy her Clark bar.
This is just one aspect I love you more than that girl.
There are many others.
Baby, You make me love you so much even if you're mad at me.
Now I want to hold you in my arms and kiss your forehead and neck.
I want to feel you unbutton my purple satin shirt and slide the shirt off the shoulder once to reveal me in my tank --
Top T shirt and gold cross pendant.
At that time, I wanted to hold you in my arms, take you through my living room, through the kitchenette, into the bedroom, where I will show you the true meaning of my love.
So, girl, please give me a chance to make up for you.
Let me tell you that you are all things in my universe, by contrast, on the smallest beach in the world, another woman is not even a whisper of sand.
Let me book my room at the best restaurant in the city center, where we will enjoy the best steaks and lobsters, as well as many fine vegetables including corn and mung beans.
And dessert, if you have a space later.
The waiter will bow and scrape and take care of every wish you have as I will advance
This level of service was arranged with the manager.
There will also be delicious mint on the check.
After dinner, I will rent a nice hansom taxi and send us to the city center, where we will see many beautiful hotels in addition to the suburbs of the park.
The driver will let us out just three blocks from my apartment building and I will be generous to tip him.
We will then walk past the city's envious gaze and come to my crib where we will spend the night as long as the music of Freddy Jackson fills my bedroom.
It's here. I'm going to beat that dog.
I will keep you out of breath.
If you only let me, I will fill you up with smoke.
We will be abnormal before dawn.
Girl, I don't even remember her name.
Pamela or something.
This has nothing to do with our purpose.
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