goldfinger: a man with a midas touch - gold jewellery set

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goldfinger: a man with a midas touch  -  gold jewellery set
The world of jewelry, precious metals and antiques includes some very shady people.
And some complete fools.
"There were a few times when we had some very famous Irish businessmen come in with the gold bars they bought during the holidays or on business trips.
When they came back here with the bar to analyze, we found that it was not gold at all, "including some very suspicious people in Ireland and the world of jewelry, precious metals and antiques.
And some complete fools.
"There were a few times when we had some very famous Irish businessmen come in with the gold bars they bought during the holidays or on business trips.
When they came back here with the bar to be analyzed, we found that it was not gold at all, "said Ronald le Bass, an Irish analytical master, their job is to make sure that all glisters are actually gold.
Not just high-
Brief the merchants who are deceived by shiny things.
Average vacationers are usually sold a puppy.
Or rather, a piece of steel.
"In August and September of each year, we have a large influx of people who buy gold abroad or gold jewelry on the beach.
Sadly, more often than not, they are at a loss, "he handed over a fake gold bar.
"We are the oldest form of consumer protection," said Le Paz . ".
The Dublin analytics office Goldsmith was founded in 1637 by King Charles I.
What the laboratory office does is to test and Mark, or to test and certify all gold jewelry made in Ireland.
Although it is intense high
Now the technology that bites gold to check its purity must be a quick test.
"We don't do this," he said with a little stiffness . ".
"We are very much like a dry cleaner," joked Le Bas, who was driving the motormph on the Atlantic formula track.
"We run a family of six. hour service.
So far, we are the fastest analysis and marking service in Europe.
"Irish manufacturers or jewelry wholesalers ship tons of trinkets and gadgets into the testing office and then test and stamp them with a logo.
The unqualified item, perhaps because it does not contain enough gold, is then broken and returned to the manufacturer.
A considerable amount of jewelry is not actually in grade.
"No one will submit, make, or import projects that they know will fail.
But maybe three to five percentage points, "he said.
Given that 20,000 projects pass the testing office every day, up to 1,000 projects can be false.
"Unqualified goods can make a lot of money.
Unlike any other consumer goods, you don't know if you get 18 k gold.
"Either work or not, at least for washing machines or something," 46-year-old Dublin man.
"If the jeweler does not receive his item, he is breaking the law.
I don't think he is a reputable jeweler.
There are a large number of goods on the market that do not meet the requirements.
The last thing they worry about, though, is probably hallmark's rules.
They may also have problems with the income commissioner.
"Le Bas recommends that the analytics office can test up to 20,000 objects on a busy day.
In general, although there are some bulk discounts, the test and benchmark books for each item are 50 cents.
This means about 5.
4-meter sparkling bracelet, ring or gadget
Test gadgets every year, earning up to 2. 7m annually.
In terms of numbers and finance, Le Bas is surprisingly vague. "It's a non-
But we paid the price, "he said.
The laboratory office is a strange organization that operates in a government purgatory in half a place.
The state and the private sector are in trouble.
We don't get any funding. in-
"Aid, we pay the rent and everything," he said . ".
Michael Martin, shiny new business and employment minister, may be surprised to know that he has some influence in the laboratory office.
He didn't give them any grants, but they had to come to him in person when they wanted to increase their fees to cover the shortfall in income.
"If we were to set up today, we might be a half.
Le Bas admits.
The Le Bas family has been in the Silver business since 1574, and its presence in the Dublin analytics office dates back to 1880 generations.
Ronald joined the laboratory office in 1973 and followed his father great in 1988-
Great grandfather-
Uncle, wait.
Although the family dominated the job, Le Bas said it was "not necessarily" passed on from generation to generation --
Obviously, except for most of the past 120.
A board of directors consisting of wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and "eminent persons", including the former
Guy Moloney, boss of anzbacher, helps the executive president of the organization to operate and choose.
A bit like the Pope, Le Bas has no contract, so he can manage the office almost indefinitely unless there is a disaster.
The inspection office is located in a building behind the Chester Betty Library in Dublin Castle.
We have a meeting at a board because the operation is moving to a temporary residence.
Will be the master of analysis and his 38-
A strong team of scientists, engineers and administrators.
"It is bulging at the seams now," Le Bas said . ".
Funding for the new site has not been quantified;
However, this will be a joint venture between OPW and the analytics office.
According to Le Bas, it is expected that everything will be completed in about three to four years, which will enable the staff to handle more work.
They must be very happy.
In addition to testing and certification, the analytics office has done some tool making, antique certification and customs clearance.
Irish jewelry
Overall health of manufacturing.
"The biggest market for Irish manufacturing is the United States and the Irish community there," he said . ".
"Traditionally they only export to the United States.
They did not really export to Europe.
"There are more than 1,000 jewelry companies registered in the office, from small mothersand-
Popular clothing in large factories.
According to Le Bas, the legendary Thomas O'Connor's business at Harold's intersection in the suburbs of Dublin seems to have spawned most of the business in the industry, as former employees have built their own business over the years.
Strong support for retailers from 30, 40 and 50 for the expanding domestic highStreet show.
The size of the industry is difficult to determine, but Le Bas has carefully compiled some data from this perspective.
The head of the Bureau of Statistics said about 25 EU countries imported two.
Jewelry exports worth 8bn in 2003 4. 9bn worth.
This figure shows jewelry at wholesale prices, excluding jewelry with much higher retail prices. grown (and home-sold)bling.
The retail industry in Ireland, including watches and other goods, may be worth far more than £ 600.
At least consumers have handed over millions of euros for the Irish.
Certified precious metals can determine what they get.
Le Bas believes that the quality of the Irish logo is the best in Europe.
It will not be confused with the level of purity, nor will it be done according to the statement on tin.
In Ireland, all 18 k gold is 18 k gold, while 18 k gold may be only 17 in Holland and other places. 5 carats.
There have been attempts to belittle the standard.
"There's something fake. Absolutely.
"The last unfortunate person is Michael Keating of Naas," he said . ".
"That's at 1750.
He forged it once and got a very serious warning.
Then he was forged and sentenced to death.
"You obviously deal with the Goldsmith company more than once.
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