grab the 'gold'en opportunity - gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-02
grab the \'gold\'en opportunity  -  gold necklace and earring set
As gold prices fell, dna found how buyers made the most of it.
In the past few days, the price of gold has plummeted, making the Punjabi crazy to buy gold. buying frenzy.
Stores like PN Gadgil see a long line of people waiting patiently in the hot sun, taking full advantage of the opportunity and buying gold at a price they have never thought of before.
Monday morning, Price 24-
Carat gold is about rs26000 per Torah (every 10 gm)
In the afternoon, it reached 200 rupees.
However, compared to the price of 24 k gold on Gudi Padwa, the price dropped significantly and the price of 10 gm was Rs 700.
Housewife Neha Pardeshi and her mother in PN Gadgil-in-
She admits to buying indulgence through the purchase of the heavier mangaran Sutra, as low interest rates allow her to do so.
"I also intend to buy pure gold for investment in a day or two," she said . ".
Contractor MK Kadhav and his wife went to the store to buy jewelry as a gift on her daughter's birthday.
"We learned on television about the decline in gold prices.
We bought gold bracelets for our daughter . "
Meanwhile, Tehmi Irani and her daughter visited the jewelry store on Laxmi Road looking for necklacesand-earring sets.
"I came here from the gold market in saduvani Jok, where I have completed some designs.
However, what's the bad thing about checking out, I'm going to buy it myself today, "said Tami.
Some customers, such as Pratibha Jayade, a tuition teacher who came to buy gold for investment, found that the crowd at the Laxmi Road store was daunting and left without buying.
"I'm going to buy 10 gold today at the PNG store on Satara Road," Jayade said . ".
The Ranka Jeweler store on Karve Road is also very crowded, with director Vastupal Ranka calling the rush no less than Gudi padwa.
"The demand for pure gold is 60%, and the demand for jewelry is 40%.
"The current trend of gold prices is the last appearance three years ago, so now is a good time to buy yellow metal," said Vastupal Ranka jeweller director . ", Karve Road added that he expects the boom to continue as long as gold prices remain low.
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