green street jewellers bring bollywood to london - childrens costume jewellery

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-19
green street jewellers bring bollywood to london  -  childrens costume jewellery
LONDON (Reuters)-
Green Street, one of London's most depressed areas, is part of India, and it flaunts itselfand-
For shoppers who like South Asian style, the jewelry festival is coming soon.
A long avenue, the sari shop is intertwined with the aroma of curry house, Bollywood DVD shop and freshly cooked Indian food, and its jewellers offer necklaces and bracelets in dark yellow 22
Carat gold and diamonds, as well as cheaper designer and costume jewelry for weddings and parties.
There are more than 20 hardcover jewellers and an equal number of clothing and jewelry stores, and the streets are packed with shoppers from vibrant British Asian communities, whose entrepreneur spirit has made a huge difference in economic progress.
The jeweler who built the Green Street brand hopes it will help the city of Newham regain its vitality. The unemployment rate in the city of Newham is about 11%.
"The Green Street soon became one of the fastest --
The growing area of shopping in South Asia, "said Jayant Raniga of pure jewelry No. 290 --
292, member of the Steering Group of the Green Street jeweler Association (GSJA).
"People can find products on Green Street that they can't find elsewhere in the UK," Raniga added . " His grandfather immigrated to London 30 years ago and worked hard in his studio for 87 years.
In the past 10 years, the number of premium jewelers has doubled, and clothing jewelers have quadrupled: Street jewelers believe they now account for 1% of the country's premium jewelry sales published by Gold Smith Magazine.
It was 5 billion in 2007.
Their rapid proliferation highlights the economic dynamism of the frugal British Asian community over the past 30 years.
"There are two fastest analysis shows
The growing jewelry market is India and China . "
"The driving force of Green Street trends is an extension of South Asia's culture of buying gold and diamonds.
For Indian families, gold as a wealth reserve and investment is a cultural imperative.
According to the social market center, about 2 million South Asian people live in the UK, which constitutes the largest minority group in the UK and is estimated to contribute more than £ 5 billion to the economy.
"In my family, most people around me use gold.
At Green Street, there are more options in style than other areas I know, "said 24-year-old Shita Uddin, who is shopping with her boyfriend Simon Wood to buy
A carat gold ring with white diamonds for her wedding.
The innovation of the jeweler cluster inside and outside Green Street inspired various styles.
Jewelry blends with fashion, where customers take newly purchased saris to jewellers
Have an expert eye
Fabric with jewelry.
Items made from a precious diamond necklace of £ 25,000 pounds to hundreds of Swarovski crystals, as well as silver and costume jewelry, including aluminum bracelets for every 20 p.
Asian jewellery tastes in contemporary Britain reflect Bollywood and television culture and emerge with rich designs.
Today, British Asian brides insist on placing a whole diamond in their gold wedding jewelry, not just 22-
John Jacob, marketing manager at 284 Joyalukkas, said ancient carat gold.
Joyalukkas is a leading Dubai
Headquartered in the retail jewellery group, which opened a shop on Green Street in 2006, the ceremony hosted by renowned Bollywood actress Bhumika Chawla caused a stir in the local area.
The recent Bollywood films Devdas and Jodhaa Akhbar, starring Aishwarya Rai, set a trend for South Asian jewelry styles
Raniga said, and confirmed the current gorgeous tone.
Some British Aboriginal people are interested in the South Asian style here, and Joyalukkas also sells bulky gold bracelets, which are popular
British Caribbean, known as the "mahogany bride ".
Jewelers offer Western designs to cater to more global tastes such as platinum and platinum solitaire bridal rings.
Contemporary designer jewelry is also available. “Second-and third-
A generation of British Asians is more British.
"They are more likely to be affected by what their peers wear," Raniga said . ".
Jewelers are also encouraging the work of young jewellery design graduates at Newham College.
The latest design of the graduates is displayed in the glass box of the silver report, a silver bead treasure merchant second only to the clothing jeweler bee and the premium jeweler's pure jewelry.
"There is room for display for every graduate," Raniga said . ".
"This gives them a platform to move forward.
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