hatton garden gang 'taped bragging about loot' - necklace with earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
hatton garden gang \'taped bragging about loot\'  -  necklace with earrings
Allegedly, the behind-the-scenes black hand of the Hardon garden raid was caught on tape, boasting that he had successfully carried out the "biggest robbery in the world ".
The court heard that 67-year-old Terry Perkins, 58-year-old Daniel Jones and 75-year-old John "Kenny" Collins were recorded by the police, boasting that they had stolen the loot.
An electronic bug was placed in Perkins's blue Citroen Saxo, another electronic bug was placed in Collins's white Mercedes, and Woolwich Crown Court was told.
Prosecutors charged that one of the men mentioned in the conversation was Carl Wood, 58, while Bill was William Lincoln, 60.
Prosecutors said the "Taxi Driver" was Jon habison, 42, while the man mentioned in the recording was allegedly Hugh Doyle, 48.
In a conversation recorded on May 15, Perkins told Jones: "Yes, the necklace --
It's all stone, not a few.
"Those bracelets are very few, then you get the necklace with f * big Emerald and matching earrings.
"The other one there looks good. . .
Put the stone in, the necklace.
"There must have been a few hundred rings there, but he had a package like this, two filled with rings. . .
Big Diamond, ring.
Later, Perkins sighed: "The other two people know how f * got Bill involved . ".
Bill and taxi driver
"In May 15, Perkins was still in the same car, and he said the police thought the raid was a good thing for internal work.
He continued to brag: "No, they can't solve the problem.
This is the biggest robbery ever.
"Yes," replied Jones.
"This will never happen again," Perkins continued.
When Jones answered "no," he continued: "Dan, the biggest robbery in the world. . .
Perkins said he paid for his daughter's holiday at least and made sure she was OK.
Later, the men seemed to mention another robbery, and Jones said Perkins had seen enough money in his life.
"A pound came out of the airport. . .
"Hell," Jones said.
"I went out for 6 million," Perkins replied.
Jones will then say: "The biggest cash robbery in history at the time, now the world's largest Tom history.
"That's what they said.
"If you listen to the master, you go away. The master.
The jurors heard that the gang called their oldest member Brian Reader, 76, the owner.
Ringreader Reader, Collins, Jones, and Perkins admit they were suspected of theft in a safe in Hardon garden.
Wood, Lincoln and Harbison face the same charges of conspiracy to steal between May 17, 2014 and 7.
30 a. m. on April 5.
Pipeline engineer Doyle was charged with conspiracy to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property during the period from January 1-5 to 19.
The trial continues.
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