how "bridesmaids" ruined the female sex comedy - pearl necklace and earring set

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Please note that gender studies major and female bloggers: the representative figures for contemporary American feminism are not Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Sandberg, or even Tina Fay.
This is Aubrie square in "-". Do List.
"As a nervous High School farewell teacher, Brandi CRUK desperately pursues the loss of virginity, and the square is winning a warm welcome for her performanceA.
Inkoo Kang, of the weekly magazine, said that "radical feminism" is provided for female sexuality ".
Both the New York Post and Policy Mic see the film as "feminist 'America'" and claim it will "change everything you know about women's sexuality ".
From the comments of the rhapsodic, one would think
In the 21 st century, sex --
It is equivalent to the "I am not a woman" speech of Sojourner Truth. But it is not.
Like most rude women.
Driven Comedy made after "bridesmaid"
The "to-do list" is not so radical;
In some ways, it is not even an inherent feminist.
In the words of mongo Montoya, people have been using the word, but I don't think that means what they think it means.
I want to make it clear: I don't hate "-Do List.
"In fact, I kind of like it like I like" Bad Teacher "," single "," What's Your Number "or any other lady --driven, R-
In the past few years, the market has been full of graded comedy.
Just, since "Bridesmaids" proved that women are willing to spend $15 to see things other than "Sex and City", there has been a series of rude behaviors, female-oriented rom-
Looks bad, coms.
Bent on proving that girls can play as hard as boys, there is no warmth, sadness and humor that contains a tenth of the original template.
For those who have a vested interest in gender politics and comedy (and poop jokes)
This is a world of bridesmaids.
We live in it.
This is not necessarily a good thing.
This is not to say "-
The "to-do list" lacks sharp teeth or insight: both.
The film does provide a reason for women who want to have sex like men, and unfortunately some still think it's a radical proposal (
Mainly Republican members and public. mic stand-ups).
What is dishonest ",
However, the "to-do list" and posts
"Bridesmaid" female raunch comedy in general, just want to eat cake, also want to eat;
It provides a verbal service to feminism without trying to break any important foundation of the image of women in the film.
They seem to be interested in accepting the metaphor of a male teenager, not as a correction to them, showing them with different sweets --colored guise.
The result is an endless series.
Girls try to prove that they can drink semen, eat poo, and are usually as rude, rude and annoying as men --
It looks cute,
Threatened in the process.
For example, a sign of a woman --
Driven raunch comedy is the reason why women have and enjoy sex.
In theory, all this is good, but the problem is that sexual desire is always presented conditionally;
Women want more than just sex, sex and other things.
Cameron Diaz's Elizabeth uses sex as a tool to manipulate the people around her in the bad teacher;
In Yi A, Emma Stone's senior high school olive uses it to improve her social reputation while keeping her virgin status secret.
Again, the first three
"Do the list," Brandi went through the items on her list, but didn't actually want to have sex too much.
She pursues hard work, manual work and work.
She's hunchback with the same detachment, robotic energy
University checklist;
For her, losing virginity is what you should want and what you should do before you go to college.
In fact, she includes things like "tit-
Fucking, gave a "edge job" and got a "pearl necklace "--
Most people believe that this behavior is not particularly pleasant for the women involved --
About her general sense of detachment of sex (
Cunnilingus, for example, was just an afterthought until Donald Glover offered to be a volunteer).
Brandy obsession
It's interesting to complete the mandatory nature of all the items on the list, but that doesn't fully state her own sexual authorization.
It must also be said that despite this girl
Through these films, the theme of power resonates, with the vast majority of women starring --
Cameron Diaz, Anna Farris, Emma Stone, Kirsten Dunst, Aubury Square-
Is cisgendered, thin, can-
Healthy, Caucasian, very, very beautiful (
An exception to this is the cast of "Bridemaids", which includes the plus-
Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolf are part of AfricaAmerican).
Of course, this is the same as the Hollywood curriculum, but films that claim feminist tendencies should be kept to higher standards.
When I think of feminism, I think of a variety of women's bodies and experiences, and not all of them look good in spandex cocktail dresses, or as Plaza did in-
"Plenty of flower crops on top.
Depicting a thin, traditionally attractive white woman in a sexual context is not a natural subversion.
In fact, you can see it for free on YouPorn or Tube8, and even those women are more diverse in race and size than Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst.
But so far, "-
Before Brady finally lost his virginity, the to-do list showed itself at the end of the movie.
She lost her friend at this point (
Awesome ARIA Shakat and Sarah Steele)
Cameron's love, a boy who really loves her
A playful remark by Johnny Simmons)
Walking for her sex
But Brandi's relentless attempt to bash her V-Her own card.
At the beginning of the film, Brandy was a mousy with glasses --
But it's a cool, personal thing.
She is the founder of riot grrl zine, high school farewell, and she has just won the full journey to Georgetown.
Although she was nervous, forced and wearing underwear with days of the week printed on it, she seemed content to be herself and watch the beach with her friends.
However, when there were a few gaps under her belt, she had become a real sex kitten: her hair fell, her glasses fell, and she was traded the same dayof-the-
Weeks underwear for her sister's magic bra.
In the words of the post-90 s Women magazine, she has changed from a fashionable sister club member to a complete sister club member.
Blow the girl Cosmo.
It's a subtle change and it's not enough to completely offset the cheerful sex of the film --
A positive agenda, but the message is clear: at the end of the day, all the intense, restrained feminist needs are some good old --fashioned deep-
She can finally relax and enjoy her life.
This is a piece of information comparable to the penthouse fantasy letter or the MRA message board, but it is a recurring piece of information that is on the surface considered to be in a film that promotes the advancement of women's sexual concepts.
In the single woman
"It is in" in the proposal ".
"It even poked its head briefly in the bragging" Bridesmaids "and finally Christine wig left with the hunchback Patrolman Chris o'moral (
Who, in the movie, is basically the male equivalent of the manic elf dream girl). In "The To-
Brandy Klark cites what she thinks is a feminist Chestnut in her 70 s (
Like many people, not right)
Gloria Steinem said: "women need men, just like fish need bicycles.
"But obviously, she doesn't quite believe that, and most of the leading actresses in this article don't --
Comedy Scene "bridesmaid".
Because the truth is that nothing is essentially not feminist, not even a Cosmo, not even a beautiful white girl, not even a pearl necklace.
But this is not feminism either.
Before we start talking about the word Willie
Nilly describes any film featuring a woman with a small waist and a four-year-old woman. letter-
Vocabulary, we should probably take a little time to think about whether it means what we think it means.
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