how to be the campus disco diva - rose gold fashion earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-21
how to be the campus disco diva  -  rose gold fashion earrings
With the shiny after 80 comeback like before, after Hrs tell you how to shineon trend. . .
A week back-to-back bashes.
It looks like this soiree season is about guiding the Little Miss metal inside you.
The unapologetic post-80 s came back with Kendall Jenner, Kara de levinne, Di Picka paducone and Soran Kapoor and others as never before, they
All major brands have launched shiny products
From ASOS to ZARA.
All you need is a gem.
To eliminate the look effortlessly, set the bomber, velvet dress or rose gold watch.
We interviewed some designers who shared their views on the trend.
Metal products are always popular every December, and this festival is no different.
Hair stylist Isha Bhansali said, "there's always something metal like a pilot jacket or a petticoat.
Glow and flash are not even a trend.
This is something everyone has in their wardrobe.
Isha suggested that the accessories should be the least.
"With a pair of gold or silver earrings, you're perfect for going," she added . ".
Designer Nishka Lulla seconds.
"Metals and velvet are practical this season because they add a lot of charm to their shine.
Silver is popular now because it gives an avant-garde feel to any look, as is rose gold.
"Let an element be metal in a whole so that it becomes the focus," Nishka said . ".
According to designer Shruti Sancheti, "Metal is synonymous with charm and wealth.
It's back because fashion is cyclical, but now it's completely turned-
Although it is a metal dress, it looks elegant.
It's fun to see the high street brand incorporating metal elements into everyday clothing.
"Brand name la ya Tangri regards service as the current trend.
"The shiny team is separated in neutral colors so that they can be the star element of ensemble.
Top and shine-monochrome-
Add a leather jacket to your skirt or trousers.
The dress with complete beads is for sure.
Shooting Champion "Raya.
Christmas and New Year's Eve are the best time to make a bold statement.
Designer Maheka Mirpuri said, "My advice to young people is to match your metal top with jeggings or denim skirts.
I designed short skirts in metal tones. A relaxed-
The fitted sequins dress looks chic.
Designer Aniket Satam said, "the metal trend of 2018 will be huge.
It's a good idea to invest in coats such as metal pilot jackets or souvenirs.
For those who invest in jewelry
Sneakers or hats are reasonable.
Almost all major international brands have shown this trend.
From Prabal Gurang to Gucci-
Everyone made a statement.
In their Pre-fall 18 outing.
This is because the "post-80 s" is re-popular, and the 10 years are completely redundant.
"Forever21, Zara, H & M, Vero Moda and Only.
And Claire's.
Be able to carry yourself perfectly because it reflects who you are.
I don't have any specific "style icons ".
I travel around the world in my favorite clothes.
Combined colors of Mark and Spencer, G Star Raw, Forever21, Zara, benatone, Victoria Secret, H & M and Stalk by Love.
It's very nice. it's very nice.
For me, style is what others think about your personality in general.
The elegance of Priyanka Chopra.
Gigi Hadid often kills people with her accessories game.
Be your best version and the world will love you. H&M. Hill Road. Just being you.
Sornan Kapoor because she is in good shape.
She can take a casual look in the sun.
I want to be the main character of fashion blog.
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