how to figure out which colors look best on you - blue and gold jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-18
how to figure out which colors look best on you  -  blue and gold jewelry
Have you ever tried a shirt or lipstick that makes your skin, eyes and face feel alive, just try another color that is almost exactly the same but makes you look tired and washed
Out, usually not out?
The first one may perfectly match the surface tone and base color of your skin, while the second one may be completely wrong. What’s that?
Do you understand a bit, but really don't know the difference between the surface tone and the base color? Join the club.
When it comes to fashion and beauty, in fact, there are very few popular buzzwords like "Cool Shades" and "warm shades" that we always hear, determining which category we belong to is an integral part of our overall appeal, but finding out which category we belong to is still shrouded in confusion.
The first step in grasping the concept?
Understanding the surface tone of our skin is the color you describe what you have (
Ivory, light, middle, Tan, dark, etc. )
The base color of your skin is the color below the surface.
You can have the same skin color as someone, but different base colors break down like this: Cool (
Pink, red or blue background)Warm (
Yellow, peach, gold background)Neutral (
Mix warm and cool shades)
A big misconception: the pale girl can't warmtoned.
In fact, many are fair.
Women with skin have a warm background (
Nicole Kidman is one of them! )and dark-
Skin women have cold tones (
The tone of supermodel Alex Wek is cool. )
So how do you determine which category you belong? Read on! 1.
Now check your sleeves and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.
Are they blue or green?
You may have cool shades if they look bluer.
If the veins look green, you are warm.
It's worth noting that the warm girl, your veins are not actually Green
Because you saw them in yellow. toned skin (
Yellow Blue = Green. )2.
Good old jewelry tips think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewelry (
It's not something you like more, it's something that makes you look more radiant, more radiant, and more sober. )
Usually, the cool and light girls look better in silver and platinum metal and warm
The Golden women look better. 3.
Neutral Test to think about what is neutral tone best for you.
Does your skin, eyes and face look better in bright white and black or ivory
White and Brown/Brown?
The former means you might be cool.
The latter is warm. 4.
The color of the eyes and hair the color of your natural eyes and hair can help you find your color.
Usually, the eyes of cool people are blue, gray or green, and the hair with blond, brown or black has shades of blue, silver, purple and gray.
On the contrary, warm
Women usually have brown, amber or light brown eyes with strawberry hair in gold, red, brown or black.
Their hair tends to have a base color of gold, red, orange or yellow.
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