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how we talk about michael jackson and abusexa0matters  -  the jewelry store
In response to the premiere of "leaving Neverland" HBO's documentary about Michael Jackson's two victims, they said the pop singer had sexually abused them for years when they were young, can't be more different than what happened after the lifetime of "Surviving R"Kelly" aired.
Even explaining to those who somehow ignored dozens of charges against Kelly --
Throughout his careerafter the six-
An hour later, almost no defender was in sight.
Celebrities, including those who were influenced by Kelly and worked with him, condemned him;
The DJs on the radio promised to stop playing his music.
Prosecutors in several counties have vowed to investigate the R & B singer, and it appears that men and women stand with Kelly's many alleged victims in a rare show of solidarity.
Recently, Kelly was charged with 10 serious crimes and is now in detention for unpaid child support.
But after Wade Robson and James safchuck described in detail what they said about Michael Jackson's abuse against them, a lot of such people
Believe in the social and cultural progress of survivors
Understand the level of abuse, especially in minors, when the alleged offender has unlimited power and influence --evaporated.
Doubts about leaving the accounts in Neverland continue to intensify.
Last month, at the premiere of "leaving Neverland" held in Sundance, organizers and local police were on alert and security was strengthened according to the deadline, A law enforcement officer told "The film is more stressful than any of the films I 've seen before in Sundance.
The New York Times columnist, Maureen moral, calls it "the social media army of Jackson fans," or "Jordan treiser "--
Before, during and after the documentary's premiere, journalists and others believe the allegations in leaving Neverland are credible.
Jackson's supporters gathered outside the studio on Channel 4 in London on Wednesday to protest the scheduled departure from Neverland.
"There are also countless Twitter posts claiming Jackson was innocent and promoting conspiracy theories about his plaintiffs and the world as a whole.
Robson told Oprah Winfrey that he was threatened with death.
"MJ truthers" screamed in "Leaving Neverland" for lack of facts and evidence, "no interviews from" the other side ", and Robson and Safek used to defend Jackson.
When the Catholic Church faces its own liquidation, do we really know nothing about the long-term trauma of childhood sexual abuse, and how it will take decades for survivors to accept this trauma themselves, even "MJ truthers" can openly talk about their experiences from their defense, and they are not proud to say loudly that they are boycotting the film. It is clear that no one of them has seen "leave Neverland", "because these problems have been clearly and thoroughly addressed in the film.
Instead of reaching out to Reid's evidence range --
Worst of all, the world's biggest pop singer sleeps in the same bed with many young boys over and over again (Robson, 7;
The 10-year-old Safechuck, Jordie Chandler, accused Jackson of sexual abuse at the age of 13 and settled out of court for more than $20 million. )
Reid also has many people who describe the corridor to Jackson's bedroom at Neverland Ranch as a corridor with bells, so that if an adult approaches, Jackson will be reminded. (
In this case, Safechuck claims, Jackson asked him to practice getting dressed quickly. )
Jackson sent a love fax to Robson or the little guy he called;
Favorite voice mail from Jackson to Suffolk.
In the most disturbing scene, Safek recalled a fake wedding between him and Jackson.
He said the two went to a jewelry store to pick the ring together, disguised as Jackson was buying the ring for a woman with a small hand like Safek.
Gold and diamonds produced by Safechuck
The ring set in "leave Neverland" shows how the little jewelry that fit him as a child barely crosses the nails of his adult man's hands.
For these very inappropriate relationships between Jackson and the young boys, the excuses at the time and now are delusions.
"Michael just likes children.
We look at him as a baby as if he is not omnipotent.
Kierna Mayo wrote for AfroPunk: "The problem with cognitive disorders is that you can rationalize or dismiss anything when you are fully employed . ".
"You were a fool before you realized it.
You look up and can't even draw a line of probabilities between a man in his 30 s to his 40 s and sleeping with a little boy every night for years and paedophile. "(
Jackson has been insisting on his innocence of the 1993 settlement and 2005 cases of acquittal for molesting children, and his legacy continues to do so on his behalf. )
"There is a growing desire for 'evidence and evidence' as a barometer for judging whether there are any victims of abuse, yet by these criteria almost every survivor is a liar, added Mayo.
There are more victims of Michael.
There is more evidence than most survivors.
You should never be distorted.
That's why survivors need to believe in a campaign first.
In an interview with Winfrey after the documentary aired, Reid said it was not a documentary about Michael Jackson, so he thought there was no news value in interviewing Jackson's family, he said, the singer's reputation has a vested interest in him.
As my colleague Melanie McFarlane wrote, leaving Neverland is not in trouble because of the singer's biography or his music.
It's about Robson and Safechuck, about the dangers of endless celebrity power, the dazzling nature of shining such bright stars, and the Lifetime trauma and destruction of child sexual abuse.
Winfrey responded to this in her own words.
"This moment is beyond Michael Jackson.
"It's much bigger than anyone else," she told Reid, Robson, safchuck and more than 100 survivors of child sexual abuse.
"This is a time for us to see this social corruption.
It's like a human disaster.
Winfrey was right. we failed.
For "MJ truthers", an adult who is abused as a child but has not yet disclosed is watching;
The children who are afraid of the night are watching.
How we deal with these allegations against Jackson has had a widespread impact on the massive prevalence of child sexual abuse.
According to the advocacy group "Action for Children in Danger", which represents child abuse work, one out of every four girls and one out of every six boys will be before the age of 18
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