huge macedonian tomb found in greece - blue and gold jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-18
huge macedonian tomb found in greece  -  blue and gold jewelry
Thessaloniki, Greece-Archaeologists have discovered a huge tomb in the northern Greek city of Pela, the capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom and the birthplace of Alexander the Great. The eight-
The tomb can be traced back to the Greek era between the fourth and second centuries. C.
It is the largest of its kind in Greece's history.
The largest multiroom grave so far has three rooms. The 678-square-
Archaeologists say the foot tomb dug from the rock was discovered by a farmer during farming on the eastern edge of the ancient Perah Cemetery, about 370 miles north of Athens.
"This is the largest and most memorable tomb ever discovered in Greece," said Maria akamati, who led the excavation.
Archaeologists believe that Graves
Filled with dozens of pots and idols, coins and jewelry --
It will reveal the Macedonian culture after Alexander conquered Asia.
Alexander's empire extended from Greece to Asia and split into different kingdoms in 323 after his death. C.
His generals were fighting for the remains of the world's greatest ancient empire.
Similar tombs from the same era were found in Crete, Cyprus and Egypt, which were ruled by the Greek dynasty established by General Alexander Toledo.
The size of the grave indicates that it belongs to a wealthy Macedonian family, akamati said.
Akamati said the tomb is believed to have been in use for two centuries and may have been plundered in ancient times as most of the artifacts were scattered at the entrance to the tomb.
The complex is occupied by a central area surrounded by eight rooms of red, blue and gold dyes.
There are three slabs engraved with the name of the female master.
Antigona, keloni and Nikosrati.
The reliefs on a slab depict a woman and her servants.
On Friday, a senior archaeologist in charge of the site of Pella confirmed the discovery and will present it at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Conference, which begins on Thursday.
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