imitation jewellery makers to shine brighter. | rajkot news - times of india - imitation jewellery earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-20
imitation jewellery makers to shine brighter. | rajkot news - times of india  -  imitation jewellery earrings
National Institute of Design (RAJKOT)NID)
It may add more luster to Rajkot's traditional imitation jewelry industry.
In the past 30 years, the industry of Rs 600 has basically not been organized, although it has produced nearly 2.
Most of them work for women.
As gold prices soar, demand for imitation jewelry is also growing.
In addition, at Tellywood, foot chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and mangalsudras are also a huge demand, making a range of collections.
"We seek the help of NID to add value to the product, to be beautifully packaged and to bring the look of the organizational structure of the industry," said Parag Tejura, President udaiog Mahamandal (SVUM)
, A trade and business group from the Saurashtra and Kutch regions.
"The association has approached the design clinic plan of the MSME department to revive the imitation jewelry industry.
The department has not yet allocated funds for it, so it is still in its initial stages, "said Professor Purandar Dutta of NID, the node agency for the program.
"The government has implemented the design clinic program for design expertise to micro, adding:" The SME sector will strengthen industry understanding and application of design and innovation, it also promotes design as a value-added activity and integrates it into the mainstream business and industrial processes of SMEs.
There are about 1,200 imitation jewelry manufacturers who are also looking at the overseas market. . .
In February SVUM organized an international trade show in the city, which was attended by the High Commissioner from five African countries.
"We plan to send a delegation of imitation jewelry merchants to African countries to understand the customer needs there so that we can export our products directly from here," Tejura said . ".
Ajay Pansuriya, who imitates the jewelry business, said, "all of our products are sent to Mumbai, where merchants are beautifully packaged and re-branded.
We want to create our own brand and start packing here, which is where top research institutes like NID can help us.
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