indian jewelry designer farah khan's new book: 'a bejewelled life' - indian costume jewelry

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indian jewelry designer farah khan\'s new book:  \'a bejewelled life\'  -  indian costume jewelry
Kyle Roderick of Mumbai
Jewelry designer and Gemologist Farah Khan-based premium jewellery and luxury lifestyle brands celebrated their 15 th anniversary this year
Life with jewelry.
Published by Rizzoli, edited by Paola de Luca, this 300-
Page volum showcases the colorful story of Khan's development as one of India's leading premium jewelry designers.
Conceptualize all the important things. of-a-
Jade earrings for Princess Diya Kumari, the last king's daughter in Jaipur
Pop star Beyonce wore the inlaid crown on the cover of her album 4, and Farah Hann studied jewelry design and gemology in the United StatesS.
At the American Gem Institute (GIA).
Khan has won many industry honors, including the best jewellery designer award for the 2013 and 2011 retail jeweler India Awards, who conducted a luxury survey of her designs in jewelry life, while celebrating the various colors, gems, minerals, architecture, flowers, forms of life, and the cultural influences of India and Europe, this provides information for her extensive work.
Although this book includes a library of dynamic photographic images handmade by Khan 18-
Karat gold jewelry and gouache's rendering of her design also has many fascinating landscape images, some of which were shot by Khan himself.
The book's magic carpet is interwoven with dreamy photos of flowers, rivers, oceans and animals, such as elephants swimming in turquoise waters, and replicas of European and Indian paintings that inspire the screaming of the country of sweat.
In exotic places, there are also several hip-style Khan portraits dressed in her designs.
Filmed on Andaman Island, the city palace of Jaipur and the samod Palace, the Taj Mahal of Agra and Fort Mehran Garh of joutpur, just a couple of fascinating attractions for a life-filled aluxurous travelogue and aluxurous jewelry book.
Bearing in mind the compelling power and passion that her design must embody in order to win over time and gain the status of Chuan heir.
Khan wrote, "When I play with precious gems, it's like creating an object of beauty and desire, a person who goes beyond the wearer, when it's passed on from generation to generation, it brings the ocean of memories.
Khan's texts, citations and poems present the image of the designer, who was forced to create with countless materials and forms to bring the greatest beauty into human life.
For example, the jewelry brass incense burner and gold she designed-
The plated bones in China contain the brand's iconic theme Aayat (
Sanskrit of "rectangle).
In addition to vibrant colors, Aayat-
There are silk scarves with ornaments, as well as gem pens, limited edition watches and gems-
Surround the three knuckles of the same hand with three rings to get the most dramatic.
The origins of Khan's highly decorative, dramatic design are undoubtedly influenced by her distinguished heritage, as Khan comes from a family of multicultural, cosmopolitan storytellers
Proficient in history and art.
Her father, Bollywood actor. director-
Producer Sanjay Khan has been making Hindi movies and TV since 1960 generation.
Known for a variety of major film characters and directors and stars in their 60 s.
The Indian historical TV series "The Sword of iron Sudan", Sanjay Khan is a Muslim of the Persian royal family and Afghanistan --Indian descent.
Farah Khan's mother, Zalin katakrak, is an oro roastar and Persian, and is also a leading interior designer, recipe writer and TV host.
Farah Khan praised her husband as an Indian DJ, singer and composer DJ Aqeel, who became a muse and a pillar of strength throughout his career.
In 2011, her equal partners at Farah Khan's premium jewellery company were in financial trouble, filing a lawsuit to prevent her from using her own brand name, but eventually resolved the issue outside of court.
Therefore, Khan liberated himself to design and manufacture jewelry in his own name and now owns a boutique of the same name in Mumbai, employs 100 employees and in-house.
This book is about more than just a variety of Khan-rich jewelry designs.
In fact, jewelry life is to commemorate the designer's sympathy for the human family, and her passion for all the colors in the spectrum, and her love for Indian and European architecture, and appreciation of various forms and concepts of applied art.
Carols accompanied by text and gems, pink, two memorable
The book spreads the towering Bahai House of Bahai Temple in Delhi and Troja Bridge in Prague, filled with Farah Khan's gratitude as a jewelry designer, entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter and citizen of the world.
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