inside pichulik, south africa's hottest jewelry brand - designer costume jewelry

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inside pichulik, south africa\'s hottest jewelry brand  -  designer costume jewelry
Thomas Page of CNNRobert Howell, CNN, wrote: "My grandmother loves a famous line.
"Society does not exist," she said. . .
Find the people you want and create your own.
South African designer Catherine-
Mary picholick, the society she created was clearly what she admired;
A group of fashion lovers are raving about her elaborate jewelry.
Her work often appears in fashion magazine. -
Spanish and British versions.
Last year, Pichulik exported to 14 countries around the world and was one of the top ten African fashion brands in Vogue. Discover yourself with the company of Orange culture and Moroccan art in Nigeria.
CNN sat down with Pichulik to discuss why her work was a "intimate experience" and explore the process behind these beautiful wearable art pieces.
Pichulik's magpie culture and Pichulik's studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, explains that symbolism is an integral part of her jewelry-
"Work with gems and parts of their own meaning.
Agate from Mali, turege tarrimans, Turkish totem: Pichulik is a cultural magpie that brings civilization together with beautiful abandonment.
"It's very exciting," she said . "
"You often create these cross-cutting combinations. continental. . .
They represent the connotation of the brand;
They are physical, they are vowel.
"I work with certain dealers: a Gambia gentleman, who is also Senegalese, who purchases all these items from all over Africa," she explains . ".
"A lot of them are trade beads, so you have parts from Ghana, Niger. . .
From Morocco, from Mali. . .
I met them in the warehouse temporary warehouse.
"I find the informal relationship between me and these merchants very exciting.
At Johannesburg, I saw a man named Abucar who would arrive with a car and I would follow him into the center of Johannesburg ---
Absolute trust.
"I will drive behind him myself, and then we will come to a random warehouse, through three or four doors, to a room full of precious objects, precious items. .
It has no formal economic structure.
This is an incredibly multi-faceted, hands-flexible way of doing business that is incredibly inspiring and exciting.
"For Pichulik, this is an unlikely source of inspiration, her height-
The precious work is the continuation of her experiment when she was a child.
"I think I always make jewelry at will," she said . ".
"I was born in 1987, so when I grew up, my mom's style belonged to this era. . .
Hair and lots of clothing jewelry.
This is an era filled with epic shoulder guards and violet, orange, Crimson and red lips and many big gold earrings.
When I was young [mom]
I will always have a box of broken ones and I will assemble them into my own jewelry.
The designer is also inspired by his grandmother.
She recalled: "She used to travel to beautiful places and she would bring back a box of magical jewelry.
But that was picholick's predecessor.
The boyfriend's father has become a vital part of his career.
"John, the father of my ex-boyfriend, owns a shop that mainly serves the yacht industry.
He gave me some ropes and said, "play with these.
"Now, this store is one of her main suppliers.
Pichulik's goal is to create "bold jewelry" for brave women, and the rope is the medium for her to do so.
"It uses materials like ropes that do have a history of buckle, but through these pieces and their creation ---
Through their clothes--
You can reveal your true identity, and perhaps you can feel the freedom of yourself.
"I think the rope is now used to limit ---
Through their re-imagining --they are [used]
"For liberation," she added.
The Pichulik brand is not just a statement;
It's about self. empowerment.
"Take something that is not considered valuable ,[the]
When we think that we are not valuable and good enough, just like to ourselves, through your contact [it]
You think it is precious and valuable. . .
This is the way we treat jewelry and the way we treat women who wear it.
"I like the idea that in something like jewelry, we can instill meaning, we can instill healing, we can instill feelings.
"Yes, I think this is a very poetic thing.
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