irish and celtic bridal jewelry - wedding jewelry for brides

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irish and celtic bridal jewelry  -  wedding jewelry for brides
Friend of My Soul. .
I am here in violation of tradition and have not saved my favorite traditional Irish work to the end.
I decided to share the best first.
This particular work truly represents the core and soul of true Irish love.
Mo Anan Kara is translated into "my soul friend" in English ".
This sentence dates back centuries to the discovery of jewellery artifacts in archaeological excavations across Ireland.
One unique aspect about this ring is to turn it around a little and change the wording to "Kara Mo Anan ".
My friend of the soul.
Conimara marble is one of the oldest marble in the world with a history of 0. 6 billion years.
Currently mined in the Connemara area of western Ireland.
It has been mined for years and then processed into fixtures for churches and government official buildings.
Now, only a small amount of conimara marble is mined as metal-smiting.
Each item being mined has its own unique mark and green tone.
Celtic warrior design was discovered on Ardagh Chalice in 1868.
It is said that chalice is the best example of the eighth century metal products and the most important wealth of Ireland.
The golden silk band on Ardagh Chalice and its shield decoration are the inspiration for the design of Celtic warrior metal products.
The original Ardagh Chalice was discovered by two boys named Jim Quinn and Paddy Flanagan.
They are digging in a potato field on the southwest side of the rath. a ring fort).
This special ring fortress is called Reerasta.
Hotel Reerasta is located in Alda, Ireland.
It was found in 1868 with a small copper Cup and four brooch.
This is a very beautiful Irish bride design. it is an engagement and wedding ring for Trinity festival.
Also known as Triquetra.
The magic of the Trinity, you can find a simple knot on this headdress and bridal suit.
They look amazing and gorgeous.
They mean, however, to steal the show.
Sany wedding set adds depth and spirit, making the wedding set a shining light of faith and loyalty.
The knot of the Trinity is very rich in Irish tradition, symbolizing Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
Three different points through exquisite curves.
This reflects the strong faith of the Irish and their loyalty.
The knot of the Trinity absolutely contains the meaning of history, love, grace and beauty.
This is a traditional, hand-made wedding coin.
A gift that should be given to his bride by the groom.
It originated from the wedding tradition of Ireland;
It is said that it can be traced back to an era in which the bride and groom paid lucky money to his lovely bride's family.
This is done to bring happiness and blessings to her family.
The most common case is that the coin was saved as a pass heir, and on the day of his marriage, the coins were saved from the mother to the eldest son.
I just like the tradition of weddings, don't you?
The wedding ring of the Irish Claddagh wedding ring originated in the town of Claddagh, Ireland.
For centuries, it has been a favorite selection of bridal jewelry.
The original design was created by Richard Joyce.
He is an ordinary local businessman who recently studied fine art in jewelry casting.
For those who are not familiar with the Irish carat ring, it is designed with a crown on the heart, held by two hands.
It is said to be a design brought to West India from many trips by Richard Joyce.
The two hands symbolize friendship.
The heart symbolizes love and the Crown symbolizes royalty.
The meaning of these three symbols is "Let love and friendship rule ".
"It is also said that when the body is pointed carefully, the person is said to have been married.
If the man is engaged, the heart will stay away from the body.
If they are single, they will wear a clada ring in their right hand and the tip of the heart is oriented away from the body.
However, no matter how the ring is worn today, its meaning will never change.
It is truly different from other Irish traditions;
When a couple dotes on a ring like this, you know their love is a special kind of common love.
The traditional Celtic Cross of St. Patrick is said to have started somewhere in the St. Patrick era, about 5 th century or earlier.
He reportedly started serving as minister for the Irish people at some point after 428 ads.
It is rumored that Patrick accepted the pagan sun cross and combined it with a more traditional Catholic cross.
It is a way of freely welcoming the people of the pagan faith system and also satisfying the Christians who live there.
St. Patrick was appointed patron saint of Ireland in the eighth century.
He stands in one of the other two patron saints of Ireland, Colum Cille and Bridid in Kildale (
Meaning Ireland).
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