'it's grave robbing': treasure hunters suspected to have looted infamous 1915 shipwreck - gold pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
\'it\'s grave robbing\': treasure hunters suspected to have looted infamous 1915 shipwreck  -  gold pendant and earring set
Dive Pirates have ransacked 1915 shipwrecks carrying the bodies of Montreal's socialite philanthropist and shipped to Canada's safe gold and treasure shops as Europe plunged into war, according to Irish marine biologists. Blood-
Stained canvas hammocks used by wounded Canadian soldiers have surfaced in waters off the southern coast of Ireland over the past few weeks, indicating the century
Someone has disturbed the old wreckage recently.
Prior to this, the fishermen found brass faucets and water pipes in the fishing nets, and according to the Irish heritage department, it was preserved by Kevin frankry of the aquarium of dinghal Sea World, Ireland.
He told the London Times: "It's clear that the wreck was disturbed because all of this stuff was going to be washed away in the past 100, not to mention a bad storm.
"These are pirates who do not respect the deceased.
He said: "a mysterious vessel that refused radio contact and did not have an automatic identification system was seen near the site of the wreck for no clear reason.
"I think they obviously bombed the ship to get the safe or whatever they wanted," he said . ".
"It was a serious robbery.
The ship is outside the 12 th ship.
The miles of Irish territorial waters limit, so the legal status of the wreck is not clear, but is expected to be included in the new Irish legislation designed to protect the archaeological heritage.
At the beginning of September 1915, the hesperan had just one day off from Liverpool and traveled to Montreal, with a total of 300 crew members and 814 passengers.
It just passed through the island of Fastnet Rock, the last look in Ireland before crossing the ocean, when it was hit by a torpedo fired by a German submarine.
The attack violated a German commitment to provide a fair warning to civilians, the same U-
Boat, Commander Schwieger Kapitanleutnant Walter.
The attack killed more than 1,000 civilians, including more than 100 Americans. S.
Decided to declare war two years later.
The sinking of the hercyperian was diplomatic outrage, but caused far fewer casualties.
The victims included Clifford Bennett MURF, Ont.
He used to be a scout and spy in an unmanned land, when he was temporarily paralyzed by a bullet in his neck.
Only 32 people died, many of them were chefs and waiters of the crew, and most of them were tilted vertically when the lifeboats were put into the water in the dark.
One of the passengers killed in this way was a Canadian soldier Pte.
Charles Kingsley, from Lancashire.
However, Ellen Cabri, a famous female Hatter from Newfoundland, died of exposure while the survivors were waiting for the rescue ship.
She is 70 years old and has been running a clothing store called "Ladies mall" in St. for many years.
John occasionally goes to England to buy some goods.
She came back from these trips and also visited the wounded War and wrote about the war.
Contemporary reports of the disaster suggest that after about 8: 30 of the torpedo attack, she turned it alive into a lifeboat. m.
Died before dawn.
She was buried in Port en. L.
Some of her hats can still be seen today in St's rooms, galleries and museumsJohn’s.
A Canadian soldier was sent home after he was blind in the western front line and was hit out of the lifeboat, and somehow, his vision recovered, the Liverpool newspaper the Butte Times reported.
Captain is reportedC. S.
Wilkie, who retired from Toronto, slid a rope and injured his hands.
It records heroic behavior among survivors, such as Canadian soldier Pte.
Harold Shaw sneaked into the water from the deck and saved other passengers, including a woman and a six --year-old girl.
"I want to see if I can get back some of the souvenirs I left in the cabin," Xiao told the paper . ".
"But after looking around, I found myself in the waist of the water and I went out because it was a souvenir of mine or a case of life.
At 11, I sneaked into the water again, was rescued by some officers on a rowing boat, and was in charge of about 30 women and children along with the Navy crew of a rowing boat.
At this point, we made a good boat back about two miles away.
"It is believed that the ship's cabin was packed with thousands of bags of mail and possibly valuables such as gold and jewelry that were sent to Canada as the European war was expected to escalate.
It also contains a lead coffin containing the body of 64-year-old Frances Stephens, who was born in Edinburgh, the widow of the cabinet minister of the Liberal Party of Quebec, it is also a member of Montreal's wealthy Scottish business class.
She was a passenger on the Lusitania, who was killed in the attack and her body was sent back to Montreal to be buried with her husband.
Instead, she's the same German U-
The boat, she has been resting under the sea since then.
While trying to drag it to the port, the Hersey Perian floated for two days, but it sank in the strong wind.
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