james avery jewelry to be available at select dillard's - silver necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-05
james avery jewelry to be available at select dillard\'s  -  silver necklace and earring set
One of the largest department stores in the United States will display a mountain jewelry --
The charm and belief of the maker-
Basic projects starting in the middleOctober. Kerrville-
Headquarters announced a partnership with Dillard to bring some of its pounds and silver
Sell gold jewellery in 43 stores in Texas, Arkansas, Louis Anna and 12 other states.
Dillard's stores in Polaris Mall and 13 other stores in Texas will carry James Avery merchandise.
These items will also be sold online through Dillard's website.
"We want to work with Dillard's because we feel they are a company that shares our integrity, intelligence and commitment to truly caring for customer service," said a James Avery spokesperson . ".
"We also believe that they are ideal because of the location, the way they are priced, and their desire to support our brand building in a shopping environment.
"Both companies are involved in choosing the location where the items were originally carried," Smith said.
"We want some exposure in some states that we don't represent," Smith said . ".
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