jazz up any outfit with great gatsby-inspired jewels from tiffany & co. - ring and necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-03
jazz up any outfit with great gatsby-inspired jewels from tiffany & co.  -  ring and necklace set
Gin, champagne and Jazz
For the rich, 1920 of the people are all about life and excessivethe-top parties.
The jewelry of the time was also decadent: long pearls, geometric patterns of platinum, diamonds and black agate.
At least in style, with the release of The Great Gatsby movie may, the era is about to make a comeback.
Director Baz Luhrmann is at the helm and we can look forward to a lush, stylized movie with lots of gorgeous colors and costumes to make us drool.
After all, he is behind the scenes of Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet, also starring Leonardo DiCaprio, who will be in the latest film
Look at the gorgeous costumes and sets in the trailer.
The film also starred in amazing jewellery works from Tiffany's.
Catherine Martin, the costume designer of the film, approached the famous jewelry store and eventually led them to create all the works in the film.
Perhaps the most amazing is the Savoy headdress, by the character Daisy (
By Kerry Mulligan)—
Diamond headband with removable brooch.
Like the rest of the collection, that piece was actually designed and produced by Tiffany's archives.
Although most of us can't afford the price tag for that particular item (sigh)
Tiffany has launched another collection inspired by the Jazz Age and the story of The Great Gatsby.
Featuring onyx agate, pearls and platinum, these works evoke the breath of the times, but have been updated to be more modern and wearable.
Collected by Qi Gefei-
Named after the theater in New York City-
After the celebration
In the era of war, women won the right to vote and began to be liberated from the shackles of the corset, using these costumes to exchange the liberated baffle clothing.
I had a chance to check out some of the works at Tiffany & Co.
In the center of Chinook, including these chrysanthemums ($660 and $880).
Daisy, also the name of the character Kaili Mulligan in the film, was a popular theme in her 20 s and is said to represent romance.
Pearl, memories forever
The present champagne bubble of that era is a large part of the collection, including a pair of earrings and a long necklace with tassel details.
Advertising for Tiffany & Co.
In the 1920 s, take note of the "Pearl cord", which the Ziegfeld series kept in mind.
This is another photo of the necklace.
Some of the pieces in the collection are a reproduction of Tiffany & Co's actual archival design, while others are updated to allow people who like jewelry and are inspired by movies but want a more modern style.
I was fascinated by this Pearl and the onyx agate ring.
This necklace is also centered on onyx agate.
Men are not ignored either, as the series includes cufflinks and daisy patterns.
The Ziegfeld line will be available at the Chinook Centre and Holt Renfrew locations in Tiffany & Co.
Start in the middleApril.
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