jewel on why it took her so long to get into the business that bears her name - sterling silver necklace and earring sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-30
jewel on why it took her so long to get into the business that bears her name  -  sterling silver necklace and earring sets
Jewel, née Jewel Kilcher, finally realized her name. The singer-
Songwriters, who made their name in their early 90 s with albums such as "my pieces" and "spirit", recently launched a new jewelry series called "Songs.
In fact, a proper name like her, one would think it would be faster to dive into the world of gadgets.
However, as a musician who rarely follows the trend, she prefers to take the beat of her own drum (
Or guitar in her case)
Entering the jewelry industry in order to do so has never been attractive.
"Most celebrities have been in contact with me over the years, asking me to do an authorized transaction, where I will basically authorize my face and portrait to a jewelry company, they would pay me, she explained on the phone.
"I just don't want to do it.
I never thought it was right.
Obviously, the origin of the song is different from this.
As Jewel expressed, the series was launched organically after she positioned designer Christopher Beaver as "gay bestie", which she called "starting a small jewelry company ".
"She has been buying his work for years and believes that they have the same aesthetics and principles that will enable them to create something personal satisfaction.
From there, they wanted to see if it was commercially viable.
"We have not invested a lot of money;
"We don't get the money," she said . ".
"We just wanted to test the idea and see how it would react.
"The two created 4,500 SKUs with a small amount of money, divided into two categories.
The first is handmade, made of rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces filled in sterling silver or gold, with stones like Labrador, quart, turquoise, and small diamonds.
The price of the iron circle ranges from $28 to $175 for feathers. shaped amulet.
The other is a signature, starting at $300, consisting of pendants and earrings made of Pavillion diamonds and sterling silver.
The works in both groups are modeled on elements found in nature
It clearly shows the folkloric atmosphere of Telluride, Colorado, where beaver and jewelry are called home, and the singer's roots in Alaska.
More importantly, each piece means all aspects of the human condition.
"Because I grew up in the ranch, I always use nature as a marker point," said Jewel . ".
"I will find a feather that will remind me to look at my life from a bigger perspective.
Or the sun represents living in an open world without shame and secrets.
Each piece represents a value, or a sense of gratitude and kindness to others.
"It's not surprising to see that the company's name is full of meaning, all of which are personalized.
The song line, or the track of dreams, is the term Australian Aboriginal people use to browse the vast land formed by the creator --beings.
Also, Jewel is known for injecting sharp information into her music, so why does her jewelry make any difference?
This is the poem;
This motivation to create value works makes her different.
At the peak of the glendg rock and bubble gum girls and boys band, Jewel broke the record by combining contemporary folk and pop music.
She is an artist who deals with every effort with the same core values: "Creating Communities, authenticity, and meaning.
This is what we have done for this jewelry brand.
In order to follow this spirit with all her heart, she needs a lot of freedom.
"I'm not the same as everyone else," she added . ".
"I don't like to splurge money and it's my responsibility to get a certain amount of returns to return people. [I like]
Truly feel the organic nature of the market, the direction of things and the ability to turn.
I like the market telling me what I need, where it is going, where the opportunity is.
"So far, in the infancy of Songlines, Jewel has seen the company grow directly --to-consumer level.
Although the series is sold in two select stores (
City of New York Zen and white business in Nashville)
She is more focused on building sales through brand websites.
In addition, the work will also be purchased during her upcoming handmade holiday trip, a harrowing family event.
Her father, two brothers and sons will join her stage and will also sell the items they have created with the Beaver, who will be on site with jewels.
"My son is making bath bombs and he will sell them," she said proudly . ".
"I really want to teach him about money, business, and startup when I was young, and it's really a great opportunity.
"The lesson she's trying to instill into her son is part of the way she works.
When Jewel grew up in Homer, Alaska, with little money, she learned to be resourceful and create her own opportunities.
She said: "I was raised by pioneers.
"They were the first gangsters to start a business.
That's why she has separated from the music industry and created businesses outside of the field in order to "create stability for myself as a mother while I'm not traveling . ".
"In fact, songs are not the onlyendemic (so to speak)
The company she works.
She also created a mindfulness course for public schools, which she initially developed for herself as a means of fighting depression and anxiety.
Now, she will make her first sale in Florida.
That is to say, music is an important part of today's society.
Because it has the ability to really influence people and to promote positive change to a large extent, Jewel promises to return to the studio.
"Social media and what we see in culture tell us to be more perfect and beautiful," she said . ".
"No one feels that way.
So, I'm going back to music.
I never thought I would go back in a very public way, but I just felt the need.
I hope to see authenticity in the culture.
I think that's what I'm good.
So, I made a new record.
"Earlier, what she was good at made her one of the biggest acts in the country.
Her compassionate lyrics and unpretentious images appeal to the public.
But, as she has witnessed, there have been many changes.
Maybe she will repeat her success, maybe she won't.
She didn't seem to back down anyway.
She is moving forward along her own path.
Or loose the line in this case.
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