jeweler swapped woman’s precious heirlooms with ‘made in china’ fakes - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-09
jeweler swapped woman’s precious heirlooms with ‘made in china’ fakes  -  the jewelry store
A fraudulent jeweler has asked to redesign a customer's precious biography heir to replace them with "Made in China" fakes, police said.
Lola Richards, 41year-
The old owner of the iconic brilliance jewelry store in Moonsville, Indiana, was arrested on Thursday because she had been cheating customers for years.
One of her victims said she brought Richards 25 pieces of jewelry she inherited after her father died.
Richards agreed to sell some items and convert others into new jewelry.
Later, when Richards provided her with only five pieces of jewelry found to be made of fake gold and stones, the woman was angry.
Richards gave the woman a necklace. She said it was custom made.
According to the police affidavit, her father was made of gold, but there was a stamp saying "Made in China ".
15 other victims told police that Richards was trying to replace fake diamonds, Emerald and other gems with real diamonds.
Detective mursville police, Chad lihart, said there were more customers who said they had been cheated but had no receipts or other documents as proof.
Richards tried to pass the stones of the moissang people very high, he said.
There are quality diamonds in many cases.
Moissanite reportedly looks very similar to diamonds, but experts can tell the difference when looking through a magnifying glass.
Multiple customers said they brought diamonds to reset or reuse, just to have Richards swap them out with moissanite fakes.
Authorities say the complaint against Richards dates back to December 2015, although she told her that her diamond broker had sold her fakes without her knowledge.
Richards has been charged with 33 felony offences, including the commercial impact, theft and fraud of corruption.
Last Friday, she was booked at Morgan County prison with a security deposit of $50,000.
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