jeweller saves woman’s life after train severs her legs - womens gold jewellery sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
jeweller saves woman’s life after train severs her legs  -  womens gold jewellery sets
A man without medical training managed to save the life of a young woman when her legs were cut off by a train and he managed to tie the arteries with her legs protruding.
The woman reportedly hopes to spend Sunday night with her boyfriend under the stars as they jump on a slow motion
Freight trains near Jonquière, northeast of Quebec City.
According to the relevant departments, 20-year-
The old woman lost her footing and fell under the wheel.
Roger surnier, a local jeweler, was walking his dog when he heard someone shouting for help.
He rushed to her side and saw two stumps spewing blood.
"I tried to plug the arteries but they wouldn't," he said . ".
"So I made a knot in the artery.
Then Saulnier saw a plastic bag nearby and his caring instinct was kicked in.
"I tore it in half. . .
Like a wire.
I wrapped them around her lap, tight.
Saulnier says he has never had any medical training, but his profession has given him something else to rely on.
"As a jeweler, my talent is flexible fingers," he said . "
"Fortunately, my hand is very good.
That's how I saved her life.
Saguenay police said that Saulnier remained calm before the medical aid arrived, and he was shocked by what he had done.
"He used the right technology quickly and efficiently to avoid bleeding," said police spokesman Bruno Comey . ".
Authorities say there is no danger to the woman's life.
Saulnier also told a news conference on Monday about the bloody details of his heroic behavior.
Dressed in gold and excited, he admitted that wearing a garbage bag was his only preparation for Sunday night's exercise.
"If I take part in the stop bleeding competition, I can create a speed record," he said . ".
"I completely stopped bleeding in 30 seconds.
Although he was initially calm at the scene, he was eventually taken to hospital for electric shock treatment.
"I didn't think about it at the time," he said . ".
"Things happen so fast.
He said the doctor prescribed him a prescription to help him sleep, but he did not think it would do much good.
"I can't close my eyes without seeing skin fragments, torn legs and blood," he said . ".
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