jewellery designer dreams of artistic freedom - gold necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
jewellery designer dreams of artistic freedom  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
Vicenza, Italy (Reuters Life! )-
The pressure to balance art and business means that jewelry designer Paladino Orlandini has to control some of his crazy ideas and he will not encourage his son to follow in his footsteps.
But the award-
Award winning designer
Its elegant creations of precious metals and jewelry cost up to £ 50,000 pounds ($99,270)or more —
There is still a lot of demand for wealthy connoisseurs.
"Business trends and styles are always too narrow for designers," Orlandini said at the recent Vicenza International Jewellery Show, which is Italy's main gold craft hub
Italy is the world leader in jewelry design and it is natural for olandini to be a designer: his father is a designer and a goldsmith. In 1983, when Palladino was a teenager, he founded a studio for premium jewelry makers in Orlando olandini.
Orlandini often has to squeeze his creative freedom into the shackles of market demand to help companies still run by his father win hearts around the world with their exclusive work.
"Designers always want to go beyond the limits and create without worrying about the weight, cost, time and quality of the stone.
"Designers want to run freely," he said . ".
Orlandini's sister, the studio's business director, often has the upper hand in deciding what materials are used for new jewelry and how many pieces are made to ensure business success, he said.
If the artist Orlandini laments, the businessman Orlandini is happy.
For years, despite the high price, sales of his woven cascading glittering gold fireplaces, necklaces and bracelets have been on the rise, especially abroad.
Orlandini said that the key to the success of the business is to find a market niche and create a small number of works of high quality and artistic value to attract customers.
Many Italian jewelers have been focusing on high
Finally, it is usually unique work to beat the increasingly fierce competition from lower levels
India, China and Turkey have recently improved their quality.
This strategy has yielded results.
Orlando's olandini studio has won many international awards, including famous American restaurants.
The award for the American fashion fair is known as the jewelry Oscar in the industry.
Orlandini's collection of pure handmade gold and platinum jewelry has never exceeded 100 copies
Each has a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer.
And will never repeat after selling out.
"We don't want to grow exponentially at a very fast pace.
We tailor the series
"It was made for our customers," he said.
Orlandini, 36, said he almost always sought inspiration from nature and won prizes --
The winning works are called "water", "fire" and "air ".
"Inspiration is everywhere for designers: it could be clouds, trees, or furniture," he said . ".
Living and working at the 14th-century monastery on the undulating Chianti Hill in Tuscany, his father turned it into a family house and jewelry workshop, helping Orlandini to set emotions for someone with little emotion
Stop the creative process
"I got the main working principle from my father: You should always be the first to start the working day and the last to finish the working day," he said . ".
Olandini, who loves fishing and enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, said he does not want the younger generation of the olandini family to follow in his footsteps and combine business with art.
"The pressure is too great.
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