jewelry store workers fight off would-be thieves with swords in mississauga - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
jewelry store workers fight off would-be thieves with swords in mississauga  -  the jewelry store
The staff of the three jewelry stores waved their swords and repelled four.
As a thief while trying to rob in Ont's Mississauga Sharjah. , police said. Const.
Danny Matini said the incident happened around 12: 15. m.
At the Ashok jewelry store on Wednesday, four masked suspects came out of a truck and one person began to break the window of the store.
Police released surveillance video showing a man jumping in the store before three employees rushed him with a sword.
Another suspect pulled the man back from a broken window to the outside of the store as the employee flew with a sword --
One of the employees fell down when he waved his sword.
"This can go wrong in many ways," Marttini said . ".
One of the suspects then pointed a gun at the store.
Then the suspect ran away, got on the bus, sped away at a red light, and nearly collided with two transport trucks.
"I don't know why they didn't kill themselves or anyone else for this," Marttini said of the suspect who left empty hands.
Police believe the three suspects are men but are not sure about the fourth.
The escape car is dark.
Color Dodge Durango, she said.
Despite the successful efforts of the staff, Marttini said it would be better to leave the crime --
Shoot the police.
"We don't condone violence to fight it," she said . ".
"It's better to save yourself than to save your property.
Your life is more important than jewelry.
In late July, three masked men drove a van into another jewelry store in Mississauga, and $100,000 worth of items were taken away.
The store owner, Baldev Manjania, said he thought his wife would be shot in the robbery, so he grabbed a sword and chased the suspects as they fled.
In this case, the suspect jumped into the car they ran away from and drove away.
"I went to get the sword because I had to do something to save my family," Manjania said at the time . ".
Marttini says they don't have any information that says the two events are related. ——
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