jewels auction exceeds $50 million, new record set - ring and necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-03
jewels auction exceeds $50 million, new record set  -  ring and necklace set
NEW YORK (Reuters Life! )-A rare two-
Christie's said on Thursday that a Blue Diamond set a new world record per carat at the auction, when it was sold at a jewelry auction, exceeding $50 million.
Bulgari Blue Diamond is a ring designed in the 1970 s, sold by a private European collection, and is the top seller at auction for more than 450 pieces of jewelry. It fetched $15.
7 million, or $1.
Per carat 4 million
"The price of Bulgari Blue set a world record in October 20, which is a very-
For the first time in nearly 40 years, the famous stone sold at Christie's, "said Rahul Kadakia, Christie's head of American jewelry.
The jewelry was purchased in Rome in 1972 for $1 million, equivalent to $5 million today.
According to Christie's, this is a gift from the collector to his wife to celebrate the birth of their first son.
"It costs $15.
7 million, at that time, the value of the stone tripled, demonstrating the incredible resilience of diamonds in today's turbulent economic environment, and the true, lasting value of fine jewelry, "card
Diamonds and other colors.
Compared with a year ago, jewelry grew by 20%, making them a good hedge tool for investors in difficult times.
The ring features 9.
87 karat colorless triangle-
Shape Diamond paired with triangle 10.
95 karat "gorgeous and vivid" blue diamonds, the largest of these cut blue diamonds in the auction.
About 10 blue diamonds of this size have one color that is pure enough to be called "novelty vivid ".
A rectangular one. cut 17.
Harry Winston's 65 karat diamond ring costs $2. 1 million.
Other items on sale included a "drop of earrings" designed by Joel Rosenthal, which was originally owned by actress Alan bagin and worn at 2005 Academy Awards. The 2-
Royal yellow jade, ruby and diamond earrings, 3/4 long, are expected to sell for $300,000 to $500,000, exceeding expectations and for $650,500.
The auction also included the jewelry of Cartier, Van Cleef and Bao Keelung.
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