jewery trends - pearl wedding jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
jewery trends  -  pearl wedding jewelry
Nowadays, the style and theme of wedding jewelry are very rich.
Brides, wedding party members, relatives and guests make wedding celebrations a special opportunity to get creative ideas for personal decoration.
Earrings, necklaces and bracelets designed for weddings-
Clothing is usually designed to complement the white and ivories of traditional wedding dresses.
However, wedding jewelry can also be used to enhance the personalized theme of the wedding and can even be carefully matched --
Place a color accent on the bridal gown.
& Because the bride and their party are becoming more and more popular changing costumes between the wedding and the reception (
Even Camilla changed her clothes between her private and public ceremonies)
Usually, a different set of jewelry is required for two weddings.
Here are the most popular wedding jewelry trends this year: chandeliers-
The chandelier earrings we love every day-
When decorated with pearls or crystals, jewelry becomes a striking wedding earring.
The chandelier can also be in the form of an elegant necklace table or pendant.
20-century antiques
Romantic style of 1920, 30, 1940s-
From Art Deco to Old Hollywood
Perfect for any elegant wedding, not themed ceremony.
Look for sparkling faceted stones and premium vintage glass beads.
Drapey Water Drop & multi-layer-
Plenty of brides will take advantage of the bold, many
It looks like a necklace this year.
We will see a lot of drapey lines, often around the eyes-
Grab the center.
Can be decorated in many layers with pearls, crystal beads, even less
Traditional materials like mothersof-
Pearls or moonstones.
Contemporary Pearl
This year, pearls of various shapes and sizes are everywhere.
In addition to the classic cream and white, there is a traditional coloring color.
Some brides add color to their wedding dresses, and colored pearls can be a very matching accompaniment.
Hair Jewelry and tiaras & other jewelry hair accents are not only the bride but also the hot women's clothing for wedding parties and guests.
Traditional tiaras are made of wires, beads, crystals and rhinestones.
Jewelry comb and pearl hair pins also offer a more subtle look.
For the bride in updos and her party, professional hair sticks add fun and unique finishing touches. Ribbon-band watches -
No one wants to be late for the weddingnot to her own!
There are a lot of great watch styles today, perfect for wedding wear.
For example, the trendy new ribbon watch is female, a bit formal and can match the color theme of the wedding. Vintage-style & true-
Vintage metal watches, some decorated with delicate rhinestones, are also the highlight of the wedding day.
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