kohl's new vera wang line could entice new shoppers - crystal necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-27
kohl\'s new vera wang line could entice new shoppers  -  crystal necklace set
New York, August 31 (Reuters)-Kohl’s Corp (KSS. N)
It will launch its Wang clothing collection in early September, the biggest designer launch ever by department stores --
Label brands and key parts of their strategy to attract new customers using private labels.
The Simply Vera collection features clothing, accessories, shoes, underwear, bedding and toiletries and jewelry for sale mid-
The clothing and home products priced in the United States have enhanced their image, giving Wang, who is famous for her wedding dress, the opportunity to broaden her clothing line.
Morgan Ward, retail analyst at Macmillan dollitle, said: "It will be a full revenue driver and Cole will increase sales, although this is basically the last quarter.
Wang's line is important for investors because it shows Cole's commitment to attracting new consumers and pushing clothing in a fashion direction that Kohl did not know in the past, Ward said.
The debut of the series comes as Wisconsin retailer Menomonee Falls is adding more private label products to expand its customer base and generate more revenue.
"This is very in line with Cole's strategy to deliver more products in its good, better, best spectrum," said Robert Baird analyst David Cumberland . ".
"For those consumers looking for vera products, Kohl's range will be attractive, but look at products from other channels outside of their budget.
The press conference was held when fashionistas flocked to New York to attend the Fashion Week, including a preview of the Royal Cole series.
This will include the appearance of the designer.
Wang followed the footsteps of designers such as Isaac Mizrahi and Todd Oldham at Target (TGT. N)
H & M's stores and Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld, both enjoyed success without compromising the appeal of their superior brands --priced lines.
While some of these lines are one-
Wang for a long time.
Long term agreement with Cole.
This commitment means that her design has to appeal to the middle market, and it is said that for a designer who is known for her wedding dress, it is nothing, from $3,000 to $40,000 or more.
Mr. Wang's design takes into account the middle market, not just the super market.
"Luxury: how luxury loses its luster," said Dana Thomas of Newsweek.
"She has provided a very good service --
"A fashion dress with reasonable prices has been designed for the middle market, so this is a natural extension of this dress," said Thomas . ".
Some retail analysts say Ms Wang may dilute her brand by putting her brand in a mainstream location like Cole, because customers will think her product is too expensive, or some product is like a short $138.
Long Sleeve car coat, impractical.
"Maybe Vera Wang doesn't have this massive appeal that Cole thinks she has, or people don't know she or don't care about her," Ward said . ".
"Maybe the dress is too impractical, especially for Cole's customers.
Others say the line should attract new fashion
Higher understanding-
In the past, it may be a store-driven revenue customer, but it will be attracted by Wang's leisure route, expanding the customer base of designers and Cole.
Kohl's will "get a wider range of customers for their preparation work --to-
Catherine Dean, president of Tobe, a retail trend analysis company, said.
"This will generate a lot of publicity.
They will get a lot of new first.
Then start time shoppers buying other items from them.
Cole's customers may be willing to pay more for a good life.
Clothing and original design, says Deane.
Trends popular in Wang's Fall Series include layers, metal, oversized sleeves, bubble skirts, and big coats.
The price of a comfortable suit and a $389 silver and Tanzanian crystal necklace rose from $175 to $54 gold pleated shirt and $29 lavender lace camper.
Like most of Cole's items, they are often discounted.
A billboard in Times Square will be released.
9, the product on the same day.
Advertisements have already been published in magazines and newsstands.
Ads have appeared in fashion and glamour magazines and newsstands, 30-
The second TV show began.
9. replace Cole's back-to-School activities.
Cole will also launch a simple Villa website on www. kohls.
There are recommended clothing from the series.
Other exclusive products for Cole include food Net items, shoes for Tony Hawk, Elle women's dresses, Casa Cristina household items and Daisy Fuentes collection. (
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