lauren scruggs tragedy: friends support injured model at charity event - pearl necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-16
lauren scruggs tragedy: friends support injured model at charity event  -  pearl necklace and earring set
Friends and community members came out to join the fundraiser to help model and fashion editor Lauren skulggs with her medical bills, and in a terrible accident her hands were cut off and her face
The event took place at Sambucco 360, Plano, Texas, where local businesses held silent auctions, donating gifts including pearl necklaces and earrings, A local restaurant donated a cocktail party to 12 people.
The crowd gathered on Tuesday night to attend the event in honor of skruggs and gave back to a family that gave them so much.
Tonight's theme is celebration. -
It's to celebrate that Lauren skulggs will be ten times stronger than before the accident, "host Ang Lee Locke told the crowd gathered on Tuesday.
In December 3, when skulgus walked into a moving aircraft propeller, it cut off her face, shoulders and left hand, and she was seriously injured.
She just got off the plane and she watched Christmas lights from it with a friend.
The communications graduate, who works in the popular TV series Gossip Girl, has been in severe pain since the accident, and in December 15 the doctor performed a left eye resection for her.
Through all this, skulgus and her family have maintained a positive attitude because she has made progress in her recovery ---
Walk, ride a bike, and even dress yourself.
"I really came for them ---
It was a tough time for them-Lauren still has a long way to go in terms of recovery ---
"They're just a real family," said attendee Eric Chris on Tuesday night.
"Lauren did a very good job of God's grace.
Lauren's friend, Janee Harrell, told ABC News that "it's really a miracle to think how far she has gone in such a short period of time . ".
"Her thoughts, her views and her spirit are amazing . . . . . . Her beauty really comes from the heart.
In a blog post on December 26, Lauren's mother, Cheryl skulggs, described the Christmas of this deeply religious family, calling Lauren and her twin sister "wearing their. .
Just for Christmas Eve.
She also wrote that there was a strong intuitive connection between the girls: "Britt's left eye twitching for four to five days every 30 seconds or so.
"She knew it was because she had a deep connection with Lo," she wrote . ".
Lauren's Twitter account has recently been active again.
While ABC News is unable to confirm who is tweeting, there is already information on the plans to thank many of Lauren's wish people, fashion discoveries, and even visits with friends.
"When I see Lauren, I'll tell you that she's taken out the iPhone and I'm not going to put her on Twitter," Harrell said . ".
"Lauren is an online fashion blogger and fashion editor, so it's her thing and I think you'll see more and more Lauren coming back.
According to her family, Lauren skulggs is now working on occupational therapy and her pain is improving every day.
Her family continues to pray that things will continue to improve and they say Lauren is a natural girl who is looking for a natural alternative to pain medications.
It is reported that she is now eager for food such as Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes compared to junk food.
Tuesday night's fundraising campaign reportedly raised more than $10,000 for Scruggs.
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