little black dress 80 years young and stylish as ever - childrens costume jewellery

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little black dress 80 years young and stylish as ever  -  childrens costume jewellery
80 years ago, when designer Coco Chanel introduced the first real "little black dress", it caused a big sensation in women's fashion.
Now this iconic costume is everywhere and has its own entry in The New Oxford Dictionary and online Wikipedia.
Fashion's most timeless late eight is still a statement of style today, as it was the first bold incarnation in 1926-
Simple and practical symbol of chic.
As we all know, LBD is a clothing choice for women of all ages and locations, eager to exude elegance or avoid fashion faux pas.
Paris said: "What she invented is more of a 'principled, 'an idea that a dress can be used in different situations and can be changed by adding accessories . "
Florence Mueller, a fashion historian, teacher and writer.
Until the age of 1920, female elegance means changing clothes on every occasion or part of the day, with highly decorative clothes that are heavy and uncomfortable and often need help to put them on.
Chanel's revolution brought a piece of clothing that, except for the well, could be worn from dawn to dusk with little decoration
Muller said the choice of clothing jewelry is still the ultimate in modern elegance.
The original LBD was a simple crepes creation with a high neckline, long sleeves, cut over the knee with no buttons, embroidery, layering or edges.
It's black, one with the back
In the first world war, the clergy or worse, the uniforms of the servants were mourning.
In November 1926, the French version of Vogue named it "modern women's uniform" and the American version named it "Chanel's Ford ", this means that Henry Ford produces such cars on a large scale, making it affordable for all and therefore usable.
"For any girl, any woman who has no money, it is possible to wear a dress throughout the season, throughout the year, and wear it well, which is great.
"It's an economy," says Mueller, who teaches at the French model Institute and has just written a book, Les Paruriers-
Premium custom clothing (Bijoux de la)
Premium custom clothing jewelry).
Since then, LBD has been inspiring leading designers and commercial street stores for the past few decades, constantly innovating in shape, tailoring, fabrics and details, but still the main wardrobe
It has specialized books and exhibitions, and film actresses are often still associated with the little black dress they wore in a scene in the movie a few years ago.
Audrey Hepburn was photographed wearing a variety of black dresses, but she was wearing a long gown and a pearl necklace in the 1961 movie Tiffany's breakfast, usually described by Hubert as the final LBD.
It was recently auctioned in London for 607,300 euros. $A1. 02 million)
About six times the reserve price.
Australian pop star Kylie Milo, while attending Chanel's Haute Couture fashion show in Paris in last July, wore a dignified little black dress to attend her early public appearance after breast cancer treatment
British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley stole the show at the premiere of the 1994 film Four Weddings and funerals. pin-
Hold the Versace edition.
Since 1983, Chanel's artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld, has attributed the enduring success of LBD to "someone who will never wear a small black dress", according to a written offer from the fashion company.
"A woman in a small black dress will never look bad and they can always believe the look," said the experienced German designer . ".
This little black dress even put its name on Toronto --
Headquartered in personal shopping and image consultancy, established in 2005 by stylist and former Canadian model moniface Miller, she said she chose the title to give people a "important thing"
She said that LBD is a constant thing in a woman's closet and she tends to recommend her clients to her because its simplicity means they will get a lot of wear from it.
"A black dress will not be out of date," she said . ".
While some may attribute its enduring popularity to Blake's likability to the color of the skin and show off or tolerance to the figure, others point out its reassuring safety when unsure how to dress for an occasion.
But for Gabrielle 'Coco 'Chanel, this is obviously just a performance of perfect taste.
"Really, they are wearing too badly. . .
According to Chanel house, I will put them all in black and teach them to taste delicious food. "Albert Flum quoted her in the November 1932 illustration.
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