local musician teams with former hockey pro to open cavalier fine jewelry shoppe - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
local musician teams with former hockey pro to open cavalier fine jewelry shoppe  -  the jewelry store
Vancouver's newest stop to meet all your jewelry and gem needs, Knight premium jewelry store, officially opened to the public on Saturday, July 6, in Gaines town.
Cavalier, a commercial venture by local musician Dane Stevens, was the bass player at top-last year's peak performance project
A tough lover of 20 bands, and his partner and long term
Time's friend Keith Seabrook, a former professional hockey player who has played in Abbotsford Heat of the American Hockey League in recent years.
"Well, first of all, we came up with the name that evokes the memory of those old people --
The school idea of Knight and Knight spirit, and many things like metal and forest.
This is what we envisioned for the store and it is definitely much better than we thought, "Seabrook said with a smile, sitting in the comfortable sitting area of Cavalier, sipping a delicious drink from Stanley Park brewery.
"Basically, we want to create something different in the jewelry industry," Seabrook explains . ".
"To be successful, you have to be different and really stand out, and I think we have done that through the store and its layout and aesthetics.
They did.
Try to imagine your last visit to the jewelry store.
Maybe you went and bought something good for someone special.
Maybe you treat yourself because, shit, you deserve it.
Or maybe you're trying to find a ring, a ring, to show your loved ones that you're not exaggerating when you say you'll love them forever.
Anyway, if you, like me, know little or even nothing about jewelry and gems, you might walk into a "big-
The Box "jewelry store, with exceptionally bright lights, makes everything shine exceptionally, the atmosphere is sterile, and the packaging and packaging are as real as folds.
Sales people have been trying to push uppriced, mass-
Produce products on your face and tell you everything you see is perfect for you. Okay.
Take a deep breath and pull yourself out of your nightmare.
Because the Knight provides one now.
Alternatives are needed
Relaxed atmosphere-
Open and comfortable layout.
A small lounge area with a great vintage sofa and a bar fridge full of Stanley Park Beer, sitting on the left side of the entrance, providing a casual place for customers, let them go out to play and discuss what they are looking for or consider expensive decisions.
Features of brick and wood, as well as different metal highlights, give the space a subtle old-
World charm without giving up exclusive collection and one-modern, exciting emotionsof-a-
Some of Vancouver's finest jewelry artisans have designed objects for Knights.
And, you don't deal with a salesperson who is trying to raise the Commission.
You will most likely deal directly with Seabrook or Stevens and benefit from their knowledgeable and upright people --
Forwarding, no way to sell nonsense.
In terms of the price range, Stevens likes to think that the Cavaliers bring something to everyone.
While the main focus of the store will be custom jewelry and engagement rings, these jewelry and engagement rings are in-
No matter what size of house you want-the items they carry range from $200 to how much you want to spend.
This is the beauty of custom design.
You tell the Knight team your vision and price point and they will help you solve the problem --
Adjust it and make it a reality.
Cavalier also has a lot of cool groomsmen gift ideas, they are the only shop in Canada that can find the famous Nivrel watch collection.
What's even more impressive is that Cavalier authorized the store itself and all the featured designers-almost all of them in Vancouver-to donate part of their income to the charity of their choice.
"Being a member of the community means giving back to the community," the third Stevens --
Cavalier chose to include local and provincial charities on the balance sheet, he said.
"This is very important for us.
Learn more by looking at Knight website www. Knights city
Com, or you can also use them in search of @ cavailergastown in almost all social media.
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