make a style statement with costume jewellery - times of india - childrens costume jewellery

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-19
make a style statement with costume jewellery - times of india  -  childrens costume jewellery
Clothing jewelry is no longer considered "rubbish", and with the emergence of various clothing jewelry on the market, it is no longer the poor cousin of its precious gold and diamond jewelry.
In fact, its charm and exquisite craftsmanship are becoming an elegant choice.
In this festive and wedding season, people choose clothing jewelry, not the usual gold and diamond jewelry.
Manju Trivedi, 28, who will be married in December, said, "I have decided not to wear yellow metal at all.
Instead, I'm going to wear a costume set that perfectly matches my dusty pink wedding sari.
"In those days when people wear real things to weddings and festivals to feel accepted, a break to the gold rush has disappeared.
But now, the mentality is changing.
In fact, clothing and jewelry were warmly welcomed by people from all walks of life.
"What's interesting is that I can match it with any outfit and any look --
Both popular and traditional.
There is a lot to offer in terms of variety, color and design.
Most importantly, it is cheap if you compare it to gold jewelry, "said lecturer Rajni Sardesai.
One of the big reasons why clothing jewelry has become a fashionista is that it can be found in a variety of colors and different materials, such as wood, beads, ivory, shells, jute, Terracotta Warriors and different types of metal.
The whole idea of clothing jewelry is to know how to wear it properly.
Free writer Ratner Ray said, "during the festival, I like to wear handmade woven yarn and Tussar silk.
I love jewelry made of terracotta warriors, wood and silver oxide.
I use the Moonga Tussar saris team I usually wear for my wedding, thank you very much.
"Big and bold way, big and bulky jewelry with complex threaded pieces is popular around the world for its versatility.
We all love to look stylish and want to be recognized for our talent, wisdom and conversational skills, but it's easier to stand out from the crowd and you only need one or two eyes
In fact, clothing jewelry can be made into maang tikkas, armband, wristband, foot chain, toe
Affordable rings and Cardas.
So, when all the glitter is not yellow gold, the bold and clever way is the way out of your style!
How to protect clothing jewelry if you know how to maintain clothing jewelry, it can last until your gold jewelry.
People living in coastal areas need extra care.
Place your costume jewelry in a closed carton and cover it with cotton.
Rhodium polishing ensures no rust.
Metal: Black metal, stainless steel and brass are the most popular metal for making clothing jewelry.
Terracotta Warriors: it is perfect for making national jewelry that is typical to match Indian styleWestern style clothing.
Beads: you can choose colorful beads during this festival.
The beads are made of different materials and have different shades.
Jute: this is a good match for a single person.
Colored saris, with light embroidery, has become more and more popular in all celebrations thanks to its Antique matte finish.
Gems: semi-precious stones are ideal for clothing jewelry, and when combined with other materials (such as wood, metal or shells) they give a spectacular look.
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