malaysia values items seized in ex-pm probe at $273 million - diamond necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-17
malaysia values items seized in ex-pm probe at $273 million  -  diamond necklace set
Kuala lumpur, Malaysia-
Total value of cash, jewelry, watches and handbags seized from properties related to former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak
Police said Wednesday that the money laundering investigation reached at least $0. 273 billion, the largest in Malaysia's history.
The items include 12,000 pieces of jewelry, 567 handbags, 423 watches and 234 sunglasses, said Amar Singh, head of the business crime investigation.
The jewels include 2,200 rings, 1,400 necklaces, 2,100 bracelets, 2,800 pairs of earrings, 1,600 brooch and 14 headwear, he said.
"We must be shocked.
This is the biggest seizure in Malaysia's history, "he said at a news conference.
The 1MDB national investment fund, founded by Najib, was accused of corruption, resulting in his election in May 9 and 60-
His alliance has been in power for a year.
Najib and his wife have been banned from leaving the country, both of whom have been turned back. Corrupt officials
They denied any wrongdoing.
Police raided 12 locations, including family homes and high-rise apartments in Najib.
End the Kuala Lumpur apartment as part of an investigation into the criminal breach trust involving the 1MDB fund.
One of the most expensive valuables is £ 6, Singh said.
4 million horse coins ($1. 6 million)
Diamond necklace and 3.
5 million horse coins ($869,000)
Rolex Daytona watch
Of the 567 bags, 272 are Hermes Birkins exclusive bags with a market value of at least 51.
3 million horse coins ($12. 7 million), he said.
Singh said the police would soon call Najib and his wife, rosima Mansour, as well as those who allegedly gave them some items as gifts for questioning.
Rosama, who has been verbally abused by many Malaysians as the greedy First Lady, likes Birkin bags and leads a luxurious lifestyle, but the large number of television images of Malaysian police are shocking.
This may be the most sensational image of Asian elite corruption in 30 years, as Imelda Marcos is notorious for collecting designer shoes and jewelry in large quantities, and she is the first lady of the Philippines.
Najib set up the 1MDB fund when he came to power in 2009, but the fund has accumulated billions of debts. U. S.
Investigators say Najib's associates stole and cleaned up $4.
From 2009 to 2014, the fund received £ 5 billion, some of which were deposited in bank accounts in Najib. They say $27.
3 million is used to buy a rare diamond necklace for Rosmah.
The new prime minister hath Mahathir Mohamad has resumed his investigation into the suppressed 1MDB under Najib.
Mahathir, who served as prime minister for 22 years, retired from retirement in 2003 due to the 1MDB scandal.
He vowed that Najib would not have any deal and said he would face consequences if convicted.
The government said the Najib government had "cheated" 1MDB and misrepresented the country's financial situation to Parliament.
This country's new opposition
He warned that Najib would soon be charged with criminal charges.
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